Meticulously timed supply processes

A turnkey creation of integrated production logistics with a zero-defect strategy for the Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA S.A.

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Project focus

Turnkey creation of integrated production logistics with a zero-defect strategy


Automated small parts warehouse for clockwork components with more than 30,000 containers on three floors and four BOXers with integrated warehouse management system for material flow control


Increased productivity for a new generation of watch buyers with the highest fulfillment performance


24/365 service for system availability for maximum delivery readiness; up to 1,000 container movements per hour with automated container cleaning control; sterile environment during storage and transportation to protect against contamination of watch heads and components

Effective - Clocked - Reliable

Innovation and manufacturing expertise

The history of the Swiss watch manufacturer Omega dates back to 1848.Today, the company manufactures and sells wristwatches in the high-end to premium price segment. Omega is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group based in Biel/Bienne.

Opened in 2017, Omega's new production facility in Biel/Bienne combines the core ideas of a smart factory and integrates material flow and production for maximum performance and availability. With technical innovations and a fully optimized manufacturing process, the company is addressing a new generation of watch buyers.

One of the challenges Stoecklin mastered in this project was to ensure that the valuable stored goods were stored and transported as sterile as possible.

Régis Lemblé, Project Manager

Solution for the customer

The fully automated small parts warehouse offers space for 30,000 containers and extends over three floors (each 27 x 10 x 14 m - L x W x H). It is equipped with four storage and retrieval machines from the BOXer family. The modular design of BOXer allows maximum flexibility and scalability, with up to 1,000 container movements per hour are possible.

The entire system is designed with inserts and the oxygen content is reduced to 15.2%.

Finished clocks are stored in specially designed warehouses and transported to the dispatch area via a conveyor system that has also been specially designed.

The integrated warehouse management system (WMS) ensures stock transparency, influences capacity utilization and also automatically triggers the cleaning of containers and lids. The WMS controls the entire inventory of the finished watch warehouses as well as packaging and shipping.

A team from Stoecklin also provides a 24/365 service in the event of any malfunctions.

Benefits for the customer

The technical systems and software from Stoecklin offer maximum performance and availability over the entire life cycle of the system. In line with Omega's requirement for a fully digital production facility, all information for assembly can be accessed via tablets or monitors.

Stöcklin's automated intralogistics make a decisive contribution to providing buyers with a perfect shopping experience through speed and adherence to delivery dates.

Good reasons for automated system solutions from Stoecklin

Energy efficiency of the BOXer family

Maximum performance and availability

Warehouse management system as a central control instance

Newly developed container conveyor technology

24/365 availability of the Stöcklin service team

Remote access

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