High efficiency in storage and conveying

Does everything depend on you storing goods efficiently in the smallest of spaces, conveying and supplying them with maximum capacity while saving energy? Then Stöcklin's storage and conveying solutions are the ideal choice for you.

Automatic - Expandable - Smooth

Does everything depend on you wanting to store goods efficiently in the tightest of spaces, with maximum capacity, but in an energy-saving way? Then storage and conveying solutions from Stöcklin are your choice.

Fast and sustainable in the automated warehouse

Storage and conveying operations revolve around minimizing distances, achieving rapid movements, optimizing space utilization, maximizing capacity, ensuring precise inventory management, and implementing green energy solutions. These elements are crucial for achieving maximum and sustainable efficiency in storage and retrieval processes, both now and in the future. 

That's why we provide a comprehensive range of solutions tailored for Industry 4.0-capable storage and conveying of goods and materials. Whether it's fully or semi-automated high-bay racking systems for pallets and small parts warehouses, or customized storage solutions for various environments such as clean rooms, explosion-proof areas, or zones with extreme temperatures, we have you covered.

You can evaluate us by:

Our scalable shelving systems

Our modular conveyor systems for pallets and containers

Our high-performance storage and retrieval machines for pallets (MASTer) and containers (BOXer)

Our adaptable shuttles with a selection of special grippers for gentle single, double and multiple-deep storage of containers (FSP Shuttle System)

Our energy-efficient, driverless transport systems (AGVs) Link for different applications

Our Link forklift trucks and Link pallet trucks for all operating environments

Flexibility through modular solutions

We rely on modular construction kit and system solutions in all areas, which are characterized by their durability and low total cost of ownership. This allows us to design your solution to be highly flexible for your individual situation and requirements. This makes it easier for you to connect and integrate additional vehicles, transport routes or entire warehouses, even after long periods of time.

Swiss made - also in service

We adhere to Swiss quality standards in our manufacturing processes conducted at our own facilities, and we provide installation and maintenance services directly from our skilled technicians. You can rely on maximum operational readiness of all components, minimal maintenance downtime, and round-the-clock availability of our experienced technical teams.

Energy concepts for Green Logistics

Right from the development stage of our storage and conveyor solutions, we focus on high energy efficiency as well as functionality and cost optimization. With energy recovery, low-wear starting and braking technology, patented battery solutions and quick-charging systems as well as other energy management approaches, we develop targeted measures that reduce your energy consumption and make a positive contribution to your carbon footprint.

Why choose Stoecklin for your storage and conveyor systems:

Comprehensive modular systems with special options for all applications

Scalability thanks to modular design and durable components

Seamless integration of coordinated partial solutions

Innovative energy management solutions for consumption optimization and green logistics

Powerful material flow computer and production data management with logOS Software Suite

Swiss Quality: robust, durable, low-maintenance design

24/7 service option with in-house service management and experienced technical team

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