Storage solutions for consumer goods companies

Achieving rapid turnarounds, maintaining consistent availability amidst demand fluctuations, and seamlessly integrating new items into existing production and delivery setups demand efficient logistical operations. To effectively supply your markets with replenishment, Stöcklin provides high-performance intralogistics solutions alongside a top-tier market presence.

Quality assured - Automated - Available

Intelligent intralogistics for new responsiveness

Delivering the correct goods in the appropriate quantity, precisely where and when needed, has long been a challenge for consumer goods manufacturers. Availability is paramount, necessitating swift and highly efficient production and stocking processes to ensure products are readily accessible in sales outlets, distribution centers, and brick-and-mortar stores in sync with demand.

Stöcklin's tailored intralogistics solutions establish a crucial foundation for meeting these market demands, enabling exceptional adaptability and performance within your warehouse. Whether it's stocking production materials or managing finished product buffers, our solutions are designed to optimize operations at every stage.

High speed in a fully automated warehouse

Our fully automated pallet and small parts storage solutions provide everything you need for highly compact storage, high-throughput conveying and intelligent picking of items of different sizes and weights on various standard load carriers.

With our modular (high) racking systems, the energy-optimized storage and retrieval machines and our shuttle systems for single to multiple-deep storage of various standard pallets(MASTer SRMs) and small parts in boxes, containers and on trays(BOXer SRMs), you can make optimum use of the available space (up to a height of 45 m / 148 ft). Intelligently controlled double cycles enable you to achieve maximum handling rates.

Tailored grippers and forks, alongside meticulously calibrated travel speeds, guarantee remarkably gentle and energy-efficient handling of both robust and delicate goods, ensuring consistent quality throughout the process. Our offerings include light-assisted picking, rapid order fulfillment, and the automated creation of store-optimized pallets with the Stöcklin CasePicker Solution. Moreover, for flexible material movement, our automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from the EAGLE ANT family seamlessly integrate into your goods handling operations. 

The modular design of all our solutions facilitates effortless system expansion to accommodate your needs.

Automation with a sense of proportion is the engine for efficiency and competitiveness. They increase precision, speed up your processes and enable agile adaptation to your market requirements - a key to sustainable success in the dynamic world of the consumer goods market.

Régis Lemble, Project Manager

Smart overall solutions - intelligent control

Choosing Stöcklin means partnering with an experienced industry leader who can elevate your various material flows, orders, inventory levels, warehouse occupancy, expiry dates, and intralogistics system status to new heights, all from a single source.

At the core of this capability lies the logOS Software Suite, an intelligent solution for warehouse management, material flow control, and data management. Seamlessly integrating with your store, ERP, and business intelligence systems via interfaces, logOS enables you to monitor and optimize goods movements in real time, swiftly address disruptions, and uncover opportunities for improvement through a range of evaluations.

Equipped for special environments

To accommodate the storage of electronic components and hazardous materials alongside temperature-sensitive goods requiring moisture-proof and explosion-proof environments, we provide essential modules in both ATEX and INOX versions. Additionally, we offer assistance in configuring storage zones and their associated criteria within logOS, ensuring traceable, low-loss, and efficient material flow control at all times.So that you can also store electronic parts and hazardous materials in a moisture-proof and explosion-proof environment right next to temperature-controlled, shelf life-sensitive goods, we also offer the key modules in ATEX and INOX versions. And we are at your side when it comes to mapping the storage zones with the associated criteria in logOS. For traceable, low-loss and effective material flow control at all times.

20% less electricity costs thanks to Green Logistics

In all aspects, we prioritize green logistics, employing intelligent energy management strategies and solutions that can lower electricity usage in your warehouse by as much as 20%. Our initiatives range from utilizing patented lithium-ion batteries and implementing fast-charging techniques to adopting low-wear, low-consumption approaches. We also focus on energy recovery, including the capture of braking energy, and implement intelligent route planning, which includes double-change calculations for our MASTer and BOXer storage and retrieval machines.

Outstanding operational readiness

Overall, we focus on low-maintenance design. Nevertheless, we ensure maximum availability and short downtimes through regular predictive maintenance by experienced on-service technicians and our 24/7 support desk.

Case Studies

Consumer goods

Kooperative Speicherbibliothek Schweiz, Büron, CH

Central block storage for the Swiss storage library

An intelligent hub for the highly automated archiving and digitally managed handling of library collections.

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Consumer goods

Tissot SA, Le Locle, CH

Tradition meets innovative logistics

Doubling of capacities through automation in the small parts warehouse and integrated control of various intralogistics processes. Everything under one roof.

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Consumer goods

OMEGA AG, Biel, Switzerland

Meticulously timed supply processes

A turnkey creation of integrated production logistics with a zero-defect strategy for the Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA S.A.

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Why choose Stoecklin:

3D simulation for scenario-based system planning

In-house manufactured modular shelving systems, operating devices, conveyor systems and logOS software suite for automated pallet and small parts warehouses

High-performance automated guided vehicles, conveyor systems and intelligent workplace solutions from goods receipt to dispatch

General contractor, manufacturer and integrator of 3rd party technology (track & trace, video surveillance, fire protection, warehouse visualization, etc.)

Forward-looking complete system service for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology

Cross-manufacturer maintenance, servicing, worldwide spare parts stocking and strategic renewal for your equipment fleet

Special services such as our 24/7 telephone support, battery management, our own workshop in Switzerland and an international service partner network outside Switzerland

Certified fitters, technicians and device versions for ATEX and INOX

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