High connectivity for control and monitoring

What the Stoecklin logOS Software Suite can do for you: Planning, coordination and control of internal logistics processes in compliance with industry standards backed by state-of-the-art performance and operating cost efficiency.

Efficient - Digital - 4.0

IT/OT convergence: seamlessly integrating material flow and data streams

Optimizing the flow of goods and materials means having a complete overview of a large number of process steps, technical components and devices as well as countless goods movements at all times, recording what is happening in real time and constantly overtaking it with calculations of the best possible control information. This is a complex challenge that is no longer conceivable without specialized digital solutions, big data expertise and artificial intelligence (AI).

With the logOS Software Suite, Stoecklin offers a sophisticated solution with which you can monitor and control your intralogistics with high performance - from goods receipt to dispatch and from equipment acquisition to predictive maintenance and servicing - while cyber-securely networking operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). So that you know the status of every component at all times - and can raise manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes in a wide variety of warehouse types to a new level.

Availability, performance, artificial intelligence, user-friendliness and cyber security are decisive competitive factors for ensuring smooth operations.

Michael Huser, Executive Vice President Software & Services Business Unit Solutions

Over 40 years of certified intralogistics software experience

With decades of experience in the development, implementation, operation and support of intralogistics software, we know how to network goods and data flows in such a way that you receive full transparency about the status of each individual component, essential information for fault management and your business decisions - and comply with all industry-relevant safety requirements (GMP). User-friendly. With open interfaces to every peripheral device. And in such a way that new system components can be integrated using plug & play wherever possible.

Why choose Stoecklin for your intralogistics software:

More than 40 years of intralogistics software expertise

24/7 technical support worldwide

4 system languages as standard, others on request

Flexible, modular software suite for practically any intralogistics application, with special functional diversity in terms of goods management, material flow control and data management

Interfaces for integration with business software

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