Top-level flexibility for intralogistics service providers

As an intralogistics service provider, always providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for the individual requirements of a wide range of customers is a major task. With modular system solutions, Stöcklin provides you with the necessary responsiveness for rapid adjustments and peak loads in automated warehouses.

Responsive - Flexible - State of the Art

Your top performance for a wide range of customers

When industry-leading companies are looking for an external partner for their intralogistics - for specific product groups and markets or time periods (e.g. until completion of their own infrastructure) - they expect more than the standard from a specialized service provider.

They seek innovation, state-of-the-art systems, and exceptional solutions from you. They expect a partner on equal footing, with whom they can learn and grow from. They expect someone who not only excels in their own craft but also understands theirs.

To ensure you can consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to your intralogistics customers, Stöcklin places special emphasis on understanding the needs of third-party logistics companies (3PLs).

Modular, expandable solutions

Our intralogistics systems for pallets and small parts are designed to be consistently sustainable and future-oriented as modular or system solutions, so that you can easily implement expansions or adaptations. With (high) shelving, operating devices and conveyor systems, picking tools and automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Stöcklin, you are able to connect and seamlessly integrate additional devices, shelving areas or loops - and control them holistically via our intelligent logOS software suite (or your warehouse and material flow management).

Wide range of equipment options

Various grippers and LAM variants are available for our shuttle systems, allowing you to easily handle multiple deep storage levels, move sensitive goods gently and adapt to a wide variety of items and load carriers for your customers.

Versions for special environments

Systems, equipment and industrial trucks manufactured in-house are available in ATEX and INOX quality. This means that we can also set up special storage zones for your customers, such as temperature-controlled areas, damp and clean rooms, hazardous substance, explosion and fire-protected environments in accordance with applicable standards.

Flexibility through rental service

We offer a large selection of mobile intralogistics equipment as a rental service so that you can expand your capacities at any time, even temporarily, with additional forklifts, pallet trucks and/or automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Full service for systems and fleet management

For maximum availability, we offer customized maintenance and servicing options for your intralogistics systems and vehicles - and can put together all-round carefree packages for your mobile fleet across all brands.

24/7 help desk

To ensure trouble free operation, we offer our 24/7 help desk service, which you can use by telephone, remotely or with on-site service partners to reduce faults to a minimum and rectify them quickly.

One of our strengths: our flexibility. We optimize and design the flow of goods according to the individual needs of our clients - an invaluable advantage in a constantly changing business world.

Danilo Potocnik, Head of Sales USA, CDN

Continuous updating

To ensure that you always benefit from new technological developments, we can design your system control, scanner and other performance-driving electronics to be interchangeable, so that your system operates at a competitive level in terms of capacity and throughput for many years.

Full transparency and traceability with intelligent IT

With the intelligent logOS software suite, we seamlessly integrate warehouse and material flow data. This ensures you have complete transparency regarding the whereabouts of every item, enabling audit-proof traceability for quality control and product recalls. Additionally, you can enhance operational efficiency by leveraging comprehensive insights to optimize processes.

20% less electricity costs thanks to Green Logistics

We rely on green logistics for all areas: smart energy management concepts and solutions that enable us to reduce electricity consumption in your warehouse by up to 20 %.

Case Studies

Wholesale B2B

Sonepar Suisse AG, St.Gallen, CH

Container and pallet warehouse for electrical wholesaler Sonepar Suisse AG

Sonepar Suisse AG relies on a new, highly automated central warehouse in Zurich-Wallisellen - planned and built as a general contractor and with automation system solutions from Stöcklin - in order to offer goods availability, delivery quality and service on a global level.

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Galliker Transport AG, Dagmarsellen, CH

Pole position for Galliker Transport

Step-by-step expansion - yet integrated control: The Swiss logistics service provider is taking the lead in terms of quality and availability with the latest standard in fully automated high-bay warehouses for frozen and dry goods.

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Why choose Stoecklin:

3D simulation for scenario-based system planning

In-house manufactured, modular shelving systems, operating devices, conveyor systems and logOS software suite for automated pallet and small parts warehouses

High-performance automated guided vehicles, conveyor systems and intelligent workplace solutions from goods receipt to dispatch

General contractor, manufacturer and integrator of 3rd party technology (track & trace, video surveillance, fire protection, warehouse visualization, etc.)

Forward-thinking complete system service for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology

Cross-manufacturer maintenance, servicing, worldwide spare parts stocking and strategic renewal for your equipment fleet

Special services such as our 24/7 telephone support, battery management, our own workshop in Switzerland and an international service partner network outside Switzerland

Certified fitters, technicians and device versions for ATEX and INOX

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