High precision in outgoing goods

We integrate exactly the right technologies and software into your tailor-made system to ensure that even the final steps of your intralogistics are carried out to the highest standard in outgoing goods, that orders are delivered completely and safely for transportation and that your inventory management remains up to date in real time.

Connectable - Reliable - Target-oriented

Everything counts when it comes to getting goods to the recipient

With our outgoing goods solutions, we do everything we can to ensure that your products, temporarily stored goods and materials arrive at the desired destination safely, correctly and on time. To do this, we integrate a wide range of sorting, palletizing, packaging and shipping technologies into our automated, digitally controlled transport and conveyor chain solutions to create the perfect system for your outgoing goods.

Our solutions guarantee short throughput times, on time and without manual labor. The systems work in line with various delivery times and requirements, even in the special goods sector, and tracks all necessary documentation. 


Whether weight, same destination or special requirements for packaging, palletizing or the transport route (cold chain, hygiene standards, express delivery, etc.): There are many reasons for sorting, distributing or sequencing goods according to certain criteria when preparing them for outgoing goods.

Various infeed and outfeed systems as well as barcode scanners, RFID readers and video controllers, automatic transfer units, turnstiles, grippers and special sorters, which we install in our conveyor systems for pallets (TAP) and containers (TAB), and of course intelligent material flow control with our logOS software suite are our key tools for this.

Automatic palletizing

Automatic and intelligent palletizing is a crucial process. For example in retail logistics, store supply requires a fast and customized compilation of a variety of goods on mixed pallets. Our Stoecklin CasePicker Solution can pick up goods from cross docking and, in addition to a special automatic gripper for gentle goods movements, also includes a conveyor system with integrated sorting, sequencing and stacking functions.

With the help of our intelligent logOS software suite, not only is the ideal packing size controlled, but also the order according to criteria: for example, you can arrange various standard and special packs according to weight (heavy at the bottom, light at the top) and product range structure in a compact and stable way to meet store requirements. Fully automatic and without manual load movements.

One of our strengths: our flexibility. We optimize and design the flow of goods according to the individual needs of our clients - an invaluable advantage in a constantly changing business world.

Danilo Potocnik, Head of Sales USA, CDN


Packaging robots are playing an increasingly important role in outgoing goods. Depending on requirements, they can be used to automatically insert products into packaging and seal them for transportation. With integrated complete solutions, we combine ergonomic, fully equipped digital packing, labeling and shipment checking stations with intelligent carton cutters as well as film wrappers and loopers for palletized goods. So that you can continue to ensure that your goods reach your customers without any transport damage in a highly efficient and, above all, low-material-consumption manner over the last few meters.


The correct and appropriate labeling of shipments awaiting dispatch is one of the important final steps in the outgoing goods process: with the right scanner-compatible label, which can contain information on the order, total weight, dispatch date and time, dangerous goods information and much more specific information, you lay the foundation for intelligent buffering until loading, documentation of the outgoing goods in your own systems and easy receipt of your goods by the recipient. With our logOS software suite, which we use to control a wide variety of labelling systems (e.g. Kartex, RFID, barcode printers) and optimally organize the provision of goods on loading areas, including with the help of driverless transport systems, you are on the right side.

Why choose Stoecklin for outgoing goods solutions:

High throughput: fully automatic sorting, palletizing, packaging and labeling

Particularly gentle handling of sensitive goods thanks to innovative grippers and sorters

Optimized pallets and shipments: Material flow control with logOS Software Suite

High connectivity of conveyor systems to the leading pick & pack solutions

Ergonomic, digitally fully equipped packing stations

Swiss Quality: Robust, durable, low-maintenance design

24/7 service option with in-house service management and experienced technical team

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