Efficient picking with Stoecklin

Order picking can be a demanding and time-consuming task. With Stoecklin order pickers, you can work faster and more efficiently with precision to enhance the productivity of your order picking process.

Safe - Resource-saving - Efficient

More productivity for your order picking

Whether pallet or small parts warehouse, whether retail, manufacturer, shipping or logistics company: The efficient and precise picking of shipments for customers, branches and/or production processes is a linchpin of your warehouse management.

We offer high-performance devices and automation solutions for the order-based compilation of goods, with which you can speed up your picking processes - and raise your overall picking performance to a new level.

Boxes and containers

We offer leading solutions for picking smaller, individual units of goods, which are often organized in special shelving systems, transport carriers and containers with a wide variety of partitions.

Learn more about the high-performance order picking workstation Stöcklin SpeedComour AKL picking tools and other goods-to-person and person-to-goods-solutions for your small parts.


For picking larger units of goods that are stored on pallets, often in standardized packaging units, we offer a variety of industrial trucks, forklift trucks and heavy machinery as well as conveyor and automation solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.

We also set new standards here - for example with the fully automatic Stoecklin CasePicker Solution which allows even sensitive goods to be picked pallet to pallet without buffering and intermediate storage. And with a wide variety of order pickers and scanner solutions for goods-to-person and person-to goods-picking in your pallet warehouse.

logOS Software Suite

Our logOS software suite can automatically control your order picking, partially or fully - and handle a wide range of requirements. The system forwards the necessary picking information to all automated conveyor systems, picking workstations and picking tools and feeds the information returned back to inventory management and goods dispatch.

Whether through-controlled depalletizing and repalletizing or pick-by-voice or pick-by-light assisted tools, with logOS Software Suite, you can control your picking - and the accompanying data and material flows - effectively, transparently and in real time.

It is part of our mission to speed up the compilation of orders and minimize errors when you need to handle a variety of products with different characteristics.

Head of Mechanics Storage and Handling Technology

Why choose Stoecklin for order picking systems:

Flexible, scalable modular system for every bearing type, density and performance dynamics

High-speed handling of a wide variety of pallets, containers and boxes

Cross-docking-capable automation solutions for pallet and small parts warehouses

Intuitive picking tools for high speed in all application areas

Swiss Quality: robust, durable, low-maintenance design

Powerful material flow control with leading logOS software suite

24/7 service option with in-house service management and experienced technical team

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Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our picking solutions for automated pallet warehouses (APL) and automated small parts warehouses (AKL) and the opportunities they offer for your intralogistics.

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