Intralogistics robotics

Gripping, lifting, moving. Pack or transport container. Many repetitions. You can do it with ease. Fast, personnel-friendly, precise - 24/7. We make intralogistics robots suitable for your application.

Fast - resilient - quality assurance

The future of intralogistics

Robotics in intralogistics is about the intelligent automation of frequently recurring, physically demanding, time-consuming tasks in warehousing and material flow.

We integrate the right pick & place robots into your system so that you can carry out this work in your warehouse 24/7 faster, more precisely, with greater quality assurance, more space-saving, more enduring and more sustainably than with human hands. For high space efficiency, reliable throughput, top quality and reliable operational readiness - even in times of severe staff shortages, increasing demands and high expectations in terms of sustainability.

Intralogistics robot solutions from Stöcklin

CasePicker Solution

Depalettieren und Repalettieren für Lieferungen in die Filialen – direkt von der Produzenten – auf die Filial-Mix-Palette.

CasePicker Solution

Pick & Place-Roboter

Mit Pick & Place-Roboterlösungen von Stöcklin sind Ihre Packungen sicher unterwegs.

Pick & place robots


Intelligente Automatisierung ist die Zukunft der Intralogistik. Mit unseren Portalroboter-Lösungen steigern Sie Ihre Kapazitäten.

Portal robot

An eye for robotics trends and innovations

Stöcklin Logistics offers state-of-the-art pick & place robot solutions that are specifically designed to revolutionize your production and packaging processes. Today, our robots offer perfect solutions for two of the most important tasks in the warehouse:

With gripper arm pick & place robots, we simplify the precise placement of individual parts and packs in containers as well as transport bundles.

For the careful stacking of transport containers and cartons on pallets, we rely on advanced gantry robotics and the Stöcklin CasePicker Solution - for direct depalletizing and repalletizing of standard containers without buffering and intermediate storage (cross-docking).

High-performance OT-IT integration

Our robotics experts work closely with your IT to ensure that operational technology (OT) and digital technology (IT) - i.e. robots, plant and material flow management - mesh seamlessly. We also design optimal human-machine interfaces so that your staff can work hand in hand with their smart colleagues.

This is how we support you in your digital transformation. With the aim of implementing exactly the right, future-proof and intelligent solution for your intralogistics.

Why choose Stoecklin for intralogistics robotic solutions:

Intelligent logOS software suite and expertise for functioning IT-OT integration

Strong partnerships with leading brand manufacturers of pick & place robots

Stoecklin CasePicker Solution: High-speed pallet picking robot

Automation solutions for high-bay warehouses and AGVs developed and manufactured in-house

Multi-brand expertise in the integration and maintenance of various robotics in Stöcklin complete solutions

Maximum availability thanks to experienced service management teams

Fully scalable, modular solutions for plug & play capacity expansion

Long service life and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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