Customer service for your intralogistics systems

Your success stands and falls with trouble-free intralogistics. That's why we offer everything you need for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology. In particular, strong customer service and the right service agreements for you.

Reliable - Professional - Data-based

Professionally maintained is guaranteed to be better

Stöcklin is a manufacturer and system integrator with its own development and production facilities, technical support available around the clock, an international spare parts and service network and a comprehensive historical database.

We therefore know typical weak points and maintenance recommendations - for all our products. We combine this with your operating data and industry-specific specifications and standards. We work with you to create effective, needs-based maintenance, servicing and renewal plans for your systems and devices. This will not only keep you running smoothly, but also cost-efficiently in the long term.

Different variants of maintenance agreements give you the opportunity to find exactly the right package for your needs.

Our customer service knows your systems - and not just on paper

Of course, careful documentation and regular system data analyses from logOS DMA (or another system and material flow control system) characterize predictive maintenance and servicing. But nothing beats an experienced eye on site: thanks to regular work, our technicians know your systems not just on paper, but down to the smallest detail, so that nothing can escape their notice.

What we are happy to do for you

We check all electronic components and the entire system control, inspect and maintain the mechanical parts of your system regularly and according to specially created checklists. Worn parts are replaced immediately and defects are rectified. Settings can be optimized with the help of empirical values.

If you have any questions about your spare parts inventory, we will be happy to help you manage it. We document all work in detail in maintenance reports that meet your industry-specific standards. This provides you with additional transparency about the condition of your system and is part of the verification process for the relevant quality assurance and operational safety authorities. We take your individual requirements into account.

We are also your contact for plant safety. Our employees will be happy to check the condition of various areas in accordance with legal requirements and standards so that you can avoid accidents in the future.

The "maintenance" of our logOS software suite is carried out at our own intervals - through regular updates, security scans and patches - which we coordinate with your IT, especially if our software modules are networked with your company systems.

Qualified specialists for every system and operating environment

Our qualified maintenance and repair specialists are certified for special deployment environments. They know how to safely carry out maintenance work in explosive areas, in extreme cold or in oxygen-reduced fire protection zones without disrupting their integrity.

Variants of maintenance agreements

In order to leverage efficiency potential in the long term, customer service should extend over the entire service life of your system. That is why we offer agreements for all service areas that regulate this cooperation and guarantee you, the customer, valuable benefits.

Possible options for such agreements are

Guaranteed response times for support from our service desk

Analyses and interventions directly on the system via remote maintenance access for troubleshooting (the data and program libraries are maintained in the current developer environment in the service desk).

Management of access data in order to be able to access the customer system quickly in an emergency

Periodic review of third-party software and licenses used

Extended support times can be purchased temporarily

Defined maintenance plans

A service collaboration is always the beginning of a long and good partnership.

Imen Zegmut

We offer interlocking solutions in the following areas:

Analysis & consulting

There are no standard solutions in intralogistics. Every company and every situation is unique. As part of a comprehensive consultation, we work with you to develop the optimal logistics solution for you and implement it successfully - based on our experience and digital analyses.


Conception & realization

Do you have well-founded plans and now you need an experienced partner for detailing and implementation? We accompany you from the first step of conception and project planning to the delivery of your complete turnkey system.


Maintenance & servicing

Your success stands and falls with trouble-free intralogistics. That's why we offer everything you need for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology. In particular, strong customer service and the right service agreements for you.


Spare parts

Stoecklin offers a long-term original spare parts guarantee for its own products - and a high availability of spare parts for products from other manufacturers. No matter where your system is located.


Service Desk

Rapid troubleshooting is essential for resilient operations. It creates security for your delivery readiness and your customers. That is why the Stöcklin Service Desk is available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


IT / Cyber Security

As your IT-OT cyber security partner, we always design and deliver intralogistics solutions with effective security concepts. Built-in protection, end-to-end.



Whether it's a customized expansion or a smart upgrade with intelligent system control and leading software: we retrofit and/or expand your existing warehouse solutions and systems so that you can simply continue working - with state-of-the-art technology.


Contact us if you would like to find out more about possible maintenance agreements, individual variants and the right package for you.

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