Your business is growing, but do you want your storage and material flow capacities to grow in leaps and bounds? At Stoecklin, we design new warehouse complexes that allow your existing systems to integrate seamlessly and function as a complete warehouse.

Modular - Compatible - Future-proof

New storage capacities seamlessly integrated

The expansion of intralogistics systems is a major challenge: the old must fit the new. With a wealth of experience, the technical know-how of the manufacturer, access to the right components and the possibilities of our in-house production, Stoecklin creates the basic conditions for expandability. And the basis for customized solutions for your project.

Our principle: modularity and downward compatibility

If your existing system is still young, the problem is usually small. Stöcklin relies on modular solutions and backwards compatibility for all products. This applies to our own components (from the shelving system to our storage and retrieval machines (MASTer RGB, BOXer RGB) to the EAGLE ANT family, our automated guided vehicle system (AGV) or the logOS software suite. As well as the control technology that we install in our devices and systems.

This ensures that you can easily add additional modules that work seamlessly with all other components, even years later.

An extension provides our customers with an innovative and future-proof overall solution.

Klaus Jäger, Head of Mechanics Storage and Handling Technology

Our principle: turn two into one

If the age gap between the old and new systems is greater, you will find competent partners in our experts for extension modernization who will ensure that the old speaks to the new. This means you don't end up with two systems standing next to each other, but a new overall solution that you can plan with. Without costly or performance-reducing redundancies. With a central material flow control system.

We find or manufacture connectors for transport systems so that the additional loops can be connected - for example, if the original bridges are no longer available from the manufacturer.

If necessary, we replace central control technology, outdated sensors and one or two drives with the latest, more powerful, digitally addressable components so that the old system is fast enough to keep pace with the new one.

Last but not least, we work with you to bring your intralogistics software up to date and help you to exploit its potential for the entire system. So that you can fully benefit from your new performance capability as a result of the expansion. With the logOS Software Suite developed in-house, Stoecklin offers intelligent modules for warehouse management, material flow control and data analytics, which give you full transparency of all storage locations, the status of all devices and components as well as operating data - in real time.

You can measure us by this

We design exactly the right expansion solution for your storage system. And because we upgrade during ongoing operations, with only a few short interruptions, you benefit from the new operating efficiency almost from day one.

Up to 50 %

Energy cost savings

100 %

System availability

100 %

Spare parts availability

The benefits of an extension with Stoecklin

Intelligent and scalable solutions

Seamless integration into the existing building and IT infrastructure as well as the established production process

Possible during ongoing operation of the existing system

Modular, flexible increase in production capacity and output

Planning, advice and implementation from a single source: from our experienced modernization experts

We are happy to advise and support you in the expansion of your intralogistics systems. Please contact us to find out more about our services and the opportunities they offer your company.

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