High performance for incoming goods

Incoming goods are a critical part of intralogistics. We offer solutions for every level of automation and integration with manual process steps: from material handling, identification, quality control and booking of incoming goods to transfer to storage - including software, scanners, measurement and conveyor technology.

Recognize - Check - Collect Smart

Outstanding performance starts where the goods arrive

Efficient, precise, and intelligent management of incoming goods forms the foundation of your success. With Stöcklin's intralogistics solutions, seamlessly documenting and processing incoming shipments becomes effortless. Our solutions empower you to conduct thorough quality checks, verify quantities and conformity, compare shipments against expected deliveries, and seamlessly prepare them for storage and onward transport.

Tailored to your needs, we offer comprehensive support for incoming goods management (including returns) through the provision of suitable workstations, conveyor systems, manual devices, measurement technologies, and our advanced logOS control software suite. This ensures optimal integration of manual, semi-automated, and fully automated process steps. You not only receive a diverse range of items promptly but also efficiently organize them within your small parts, pallet, or channel warehouse in preparation for subsequent picking operations.

Ergonomic, energy-efficient material handling

Efficiently and safely handle the unloading and transportation of goods, materials, pallets, small parts, and diverse containers within your goods receiving area, ensuring ergonomic operations over short distances. Explore our extensive range of Green Logistics industrial trucks, including stackers, hand pallet trucks, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), tailored to various environments, lifting heights, and load capacities. Our offerings feature patented battery solutions, quick-charging systems, and energy management concepts to enhance performance. We provide a suitable solution for every application, offering flexible options ranging from rental to purchase, allowing you to acquire individual devices or a complete fleet according to your needs.

Identify and collect

Accurate documentation of incoming shipments stands as a cornerstone in intralogistics operations. Our logOS software suite simplifies this process for your employees through on-site terminals and mobile devices. It offers user-friendly interfaces, high availability, and robust cyber-security measures. Integrated with your ERP or order management system, logOS supports various scanning methods, including manual and automatic scanners, pick-by-voice, and pick-by-light. Additionally, logOS facilitates organizational tasks such as cross-docking, deconsolidation, or repacking, while also managing labeling systems like Kartex and automated transport systems. It efficiently prioritizes, issues, and monitors transport orders for (automated) putaway according to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal workflow throughout the entire process route.

Manual and automated scanning

Thanks to the seamless integration of various barcode, RFID and other manual and automatic labeling and scanning technologies, we can work with you to design key steps in the goods receipt process in a progressive manner. Our approach is swift, adaptable, and error-free, prioritizing user-friendliness while ensuring traceability and transparency through continuous data streams. We strive for automation wherever feasible, ultimately enhancing efficiency from goods receipt to dispatch.

Focus on quality control

We provide cutting-edge tools and technologies for quality control, including automatic weighing, sensor-assisted conformity checks, and monitoring transport and storage times or cooling temperatures. Our focus is on ensuring that your quality standards are consistently upheld, particularly for sensitive and/or high-value goods. Our aim is to ensure that every item entering your warehouse is perfectly suited for your production or distribution processes.

Why choose Stoecklin for intralogistics solutions for incoming goods:

Comprehensive modular systems with special options for all applications

Sophisticated concepts for the integration of partially and fully automated processes

Flexible integration of leading scanning and picking technologies

Powerful warehouse, material flow and data management with logOS Software Suite

Modular solutions, tailored precisely to your individual requirements

Swiss Quality: robust, durable, low-maintenance design

24/7 service option with in-house service management and experienced technical team

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