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Whether it's a customized expansion or a smart upgrade with intelligent system control and leading software: we retrofit and/or expand your existing warehouse solutions and systems so that you can simply continue working - with state-of-the-art technology.

Future-oriented - Cost-efficient - High-performance

Retrofit and expansion: Sustainable alternatives to new purchases

Is everything still working, but no longer fast and efficient enough? Are parts of your intralogistics system at end-of-life? Do you also need to map changed production or distribution processes in warehousing and warehouse processes?

Reorganize your existing space without having to purchase everything from scratch: That is the goal of our intelligent modernization.

As a provider of complete solutions, manufacturer and full service provider, we can quickly identify where a few simple steps or replacement devices are enough to make your warehouse fit for tomorrow. When major changes are required for automation and digitalization - and how this pays off. Our technical expertise and 3D simulation software as well as our in-house production and workshop, which we can also use to reproduce parts that are no longer available, help us to do this.

On this basis, we develop targeted measures to make your warehouse solution more intelligent, more economical and more efficient - with higher system availability and less maintenance.

We give existing systems a second life through intelligent modernization.

Remo Cueni, modernization specialist at Stoecklin Logistik AG

Inventory maintenance

Stoecklin works with you to check the technical functionality and maximum capacities of all your system components and material flow control systems - with a view to current norms and safety standards as well as your requirements - and develops exactly the right concept for your retrofit. From replacing damaged parts and renewing transfer systems to converting conveyor systems or upgrading control technology.


If it is clear that you cannot achieve the required capacities with the existing installation, even with a retrofit, you need to expand. And it is not always easy to add the new technology to the existing one. We design the best possible mechanical and control connection for new system components. And the integration of the digital components into your warehouse management system (OT-IT integration). With or without prior retrofitting of the existing system.

Modernization means operating competitively on the market without interruption

It's always worth considering modernization and because we can upgrade your facility without disrupting operations, you benefit from the new operational efficiency almost from day one with a retrofit.

Our service portfolio

Modernization consulting and planning

Plant safety

Cyber security

Replacement of systems and/or IT control

Operating competitively on the market without interruption

We are convinced that it is always worth considering modernization.

And because we upgrade during ongoing operations, with only a few short interruptions, with Retrofit you benefit from the new operating efficiency almost from day one.

Why choose modernization with Stoecklin:

Equipped for Industry 4.0 through the digitalization of machines, systems and manual storage areas

Intelligent adaptation and reorganization of the flow of goods

Up to 50% savings in energy costs thanks to customized intelligent system and software control

Sustainable operation through measures to reduce energy consumption and CO2 footprint

Significantly more efficient, more powerful old system with competitive availability and impressive throughput

Guaranteed long-life service for continued sustainable low-maintenance operation

More than 50 years of experience and expertise from our modernization specialists

Case Studies

Food & Beverage

Bell Food Group AG, Basel, CH

Retrofit for Bell GmbH

A real alternative to the previously laborious manual picking...

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Sonceboz SA, Boncourt, CH

Doubling the material flow for Sonceboz

In order to guarantee just-in-time replenishment for its ultra-modern production facility, one of the world's leading manufacturers of mechatronic systems relies on the fully automated high-bay pallet and container storage system from Stöcklin.

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We are happy to give your existing system a second life through intelligent modernization.

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