Warehouse solutions for B2B wholesale

As a wholesaler, you move enormous quantities of goods. Every day. Stöcklin offers robust, Industry 4.0-capable high-performance solutions for your intralogistics, which have made a name for themselves thanks to their high load capacity, sustainability and performance.

Fully automated - Resilient - Low maintenance

Industry 4.0 for maximum throughput

Wholesale operations typically involve high throughput, often handling large volumes of materials or products with brief storage periods. There's frequent movement of incoming and outgoing goods, which may include heavy loads, sizable containers, and diverse special load carriers. At times, demands may be ad hoc, such as for a construction site, customer production line, or significant event. Nonetheless, the picking process remains meticulously precise and adaptable, ensuring the inventory management system accurately accounts for even the smallest delivery quantity, like a single pack of nails from a small parts storage area.

Your suppliers and discerning customers have high expectations of your operations. Stöcklin offers intelligent intralogistics solutions tailored to meet these expectations. We provide sustainable overall concepts, equipment, and systems precisely suited to enhance your wholesale warehouse performance. Collaborating with you, we design and deploy fully automated pallet and small parts warehouses featuring energy-efficient conveyor technology, high-speed storage and retrieval machines equipped with double-play capability, resilient modular designs, and seamlessly integrated material flow from goods receipt to dispatch.

We have the capability to incorporate driverless transport systems (DTS) from our EAGLE ANT family for automated loading and unrestricted transport at various points such as goods receipt, goods issue, or inter-building transfers. Additionally, we can enhance your small load carrier conveyor system by integrating miniload robots, providing greater flexibility in route options and optimizing capacity utilization wherever required.

Full transparency - at all times

With the logOS Software Suite, you're in complete control. Our intelligent warehouse, material flow, and data management software seamlessly coordinate various components of your intralogistics system in an integrated and optimized manner. It easily interfaces with your store, ERP, and business intelligence systems, facilitating direct order transfers to the material flow control system. Additionally, it monitors the status of your devices and systems, enabling you to address faults proactively and identify optimization opportunities through a variety of evaluations.

Even accommodating slow-moving items within your dynamic environment, such as those kept in stock as part of a spare parts inventory, presents no challenge. The software ensures suitable, protected placement for such items.

It is then no problem to find a suitable, protected place in your dynamic environment for your slow-moving items, which you may keep in stock as part of a spare parts inventory.

Equipped for special environments

To accommodate the storage of electronic components and hazardous materials alongside temperature-sensitive goods requiring moisture-proof and explosion-proof environments, we provide essential modules in both ATEX and INOX versions. Additionally, we offer assistance in configuring storage zones and their associated criteria within logOS, ensuring traceable, low-loss, and efficient material flow control at all times.So that you can also store electronic parts and hazardous materials in a moisture-proof and explosion-proof environment right next to temperature-controlled, shelf life-sensitive goods, we also offer the key modules in ATEX and INOX versions. And we are at your side when it comes to mapping the storage zones with the associated criteria in logOS. For traceable, low-loss and effective material flow control at all times.

Save 20 % on electricity costs with Green Logistics

In all aspects, we prioritize green logistics, employing intelligent energy management strategies and solutions that can lower electricity usage in your warehouse by as much as 20%. Our initiatives range from utilizing patented lithium-ion batteries and implementing fast-charging techniques to adopting low-wear, low-consumption approaches. We also focus on energy recovery, including the capture of braking energy, and implement intelligent route planning, which includes double-change calculations for our MASTer and BOXer storage and retrieval machines.

We optimize your flow of goods with experience, efficiency and precision, enabling you to be flexible and scalable - which contributes significantly to your competitiveness.

Sandro Martelli, Head of Sales BRA, CHI, ITA, MEX

24/7 Service Desk

Stöcklin's complete solutions are not only based on well thought-out, sustainable operational technologies (OT) from our own Swiss production and decades of expertise in analysis and design, but also sophisticated concepts for maintenance and servicing as well as our 24/7 service desk.

Case Studies

Wholesale B2B

Sonepar Suisse AG, St.Gallen, CH

Container and pallet warehouse for electrical wholesaler Sonepar Suisse AG

Sonepar Suisse AG relies on a new, highly automated central warehouse in Zurich-Wallisellen - planned and built as a general contractor and with automation system solutions from Stöcklin - in order to offer goods availability, delivery quality and service on a global level.

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Wholesale B2B

Kindlimann AG, Tobel-Tägerschen, CH

Growth-oriented logistics for steel tubes and profiles

The steel service provider Kindlimann has merged its two sites in Wil and Schwarzenbach in a new logistics center in Tobel-Tägerschen, Canton Thurgau. Stöcklin AG organized the move and planned and set up the new warehouse.

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Bachem AG, Bubendorf, CH

High-bay warehouse for solids and liquids for Bachem AG

High throughput, even in explosion-protected areas, with automated high-bay racking in a central location - lean, safe, compliant.

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High-bay warehouse: Record height in record time for EMS-Chemie AG

Latest solution for fully automated handling of industrial pallets up to 45 m high for EMS-Chemie AG.

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Why choose Stoecklin

3D simulation for scenario-based system planning

In-house manufactured modular shelving systems, operating devices, conveyor systems and logOS software suite for automated pallet and small parts warehouses

High-performance automated guided vehicles, conveyors and intelligent workstation solutions from goods receipt to dispatch

General contractor, manufacturer and integrator of 3rd party technology (track & trace, video surveillance, fire protection, warehouse visualization, etc.)

Forward-looking complete system service for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology

Cross-manufacturer maintenance, servicing, worldwide spare parts stocking and strategic renewal for your equipment fleet

Special services such as our 24/7 telephone support, battery management, our own workshop in Switzerland and an international service partner network outside Switzerland

Certified fitters, technicians and device versions for ATEX and INOX

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