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You can benefit from a sophisticated software suite for highly efficient digital warehouse management and material flow control, which we tailor precisely to your specific requirements.

Digital control customized for your requirements

If you want to get things moving in an automated warehouse, you need systems that intelligently and efficiently network information, people and smart devices. With the Stoecklin logOS software suite, we offer you a highly specialized, modular and adaptable complete solution for your warehouse and goods flow management, which we tailor precisely to your requirements.

The Stoecklin logOS software suite is comprised of 3 modules:


For efficient order management, inventory management and manual processes



For efficient material flow control, storage location management and warehouse visualization



For web-based statistics and proactive monitoring


Simple operation for every application

Whether high-bay or block storage, pallets or small parts, fast-moving items or perishable goods with automated replenishment control -- with logOS, we can map practically any application for you, no matter how special, and seamlessly integrate manual, semi-automated or fully automated processes. This gives a complete overview of the status and route of each individual item at all times - from goods receipt and storage to picking, consolidation and dispatch - and allows you to ideally control your handling. Our user-friendly end devices are designed for your practice, which connect your employees with logOS anywhere on the floor. The browser-based solution is equipped with voice-controlled capabilities and mobile accessibility ease of use.

An interface for optimum connectivity

At your request, we can connect the logOS software suite to your ERP and other company software via an interface - with your ordering and billing system or customer relationship management (CRM) - so that you benefit from end-to-end digitally supported processes.

Stable - resilient - secure

Together they ensure optimum coordination of your material and data flows.

Optimum protection

With continuous, agile development and a leading 5-stage security concept, we ensure optimum protection of your logOS implementation against cyber attacks and other disruptions.

Leading technologies and methods

The Stoecklin logOS software suite was developed by the warehouse logistics team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML certified. We rely on leading operating and database systems, development environments and web technologies as well as the highest GMP standards in project management.

Our support - available for you at any time

We're here for you. As consultants, we work with you to optimize your logistics processes and IT networks, take on software development and migration, accompany commissioning and ramp-up processes, train users - and have support available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year along with operational monitoring of your logOS installation. 

Availability, performance, artificial intelligence, user-friendliness and cyber security are decisive competitive factors for ensuring smooth operations.

Michael Huser, Executive Vice President Software & Services Business Unit Solutions

Why choose Stoecklin's intraglogistics software solutions:

More than 40 years of intralogistics software expertise

24/7 Stoecklin support worldwide

4 system languages as standard, others on request

Flexible, modular software suite for practically any intralogistics application

Interfaces for integration with business software

High-performance 5-stage security concept to protect against cyber attacks

Dynamic software maintenance and updating

User-friendly, (mobile) end devices for use in the field

Smart cockpit for transparent reporting and action-guiding visualizations

As an international intralogistics system provider and expert in IT/OT integration, we offer you a comprehensive range of services:

Consulting on logistics processes and software use

Consulting and realization of IT networks

Development, project realization, migration

Commissioning and ramp-up support

User training

Software maintenance, monitoring, cyber security

24 x 365 user support

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