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logOS WMS is our powerful warehouse and order management system for a wide range of industry- and product-specific intralogistics challenges - and part of the logOS Software Suite. Control all intralogistics processes from when you receive goods to the time they leave the warehouse.


Efficient - Transparent - Universal

A management tool that suits every industry

logOS WMS is your tool for master data, inventory, storage location and transport management. The module supports you with core functions for incoming goods, internal warehouse processes and outgoing goods.

Simply transfer orders from your ERP (i.e. host system) or enter them directly in the system on site (particularly practical for unplanned goods receipts). This allows you to produce dispatch advices and labels in advance, automatically check incoming deliveries in terms of quantity and quality against the target, plan disassembly/consolidation with foresight, and assemble and label load carriers more quickly.

logOS WMS makes it easy for you:

Keep an eye on the collection containers until many small quantities have been filled up for joint storage

Combine goods in container compartments, set up pallets and assign transport orders for automated storage

Transfer orders from the ERP and reserve the requested material immediately

Trigger picking orders based on shipping dates

Automatically create picking lists and assign them to work groups

Manage consolidation areas and temporarily store picked orders until they are completed and dispatched

Labeling, repacking and consolidating shipping units - while maintaining a complete overview of all stocks and shipments

Merge orders to control loading and optimally taking into account the order sequence

Real-time integration and provision of relevant data and information

At each step in the process, logOS WMS integrates and distributes the relevant data and information generated to all people and systems involved -- In real time and without need for manual intervention. The information is received via PC and browser, mobile (voice-controlled and optical) end devices, adhesive labels - and paper.

logOS WMS manages your inventory

(also depending on batches, expiration date, serial number, etc. within the managed storage and work centers).

It supports all storage and retrieval processes

(such as collection, deconsolidation, picking, order consolidation, packing, ramp provision).

It executes the swap jobs specified by your host system

(depending on the best choice of material and the specified delivery time).

Additional functions for special requirements

Do you have hazardous goods and want to set up special storage zones? Do you need to take minimum shelf lives into account? Do you have fast-moving items and need intelligent replenishment management? Do you need to store two or three deep and want to minimize movement? Do you want to record weight checks or serial numbers?

logOS WMS offers a variety of simple additional functions with which we can tailor exactly the right solution for your requirements.

We would be happy to work with you to analyse how logOS WMS can optimize your slotting or efficiently reorganize your warehouse.

Proven - Secure - Supported

We protect your logOS Software Suite implementation and the connected OT devices with a leading, 5-level security concept against cyber attacks and other disruptions.

Our support is available for you by phone at any time (24 x 365).

This and over 40 years of expertise in intralogistics and software development make us your partner - from consulting and planning through development and implementation to operation and support.

Empowering efficiency through seamless integration: In the realm of intralogistics, software isn't just a tool; it's the orchestrator of precision, the architect of optimization, and the catalyst for seamless operations

Marcel Schaub, Head of System-Engineering

As an international intralogistics system provider and expert in IT/OT integration, we offer you a comprehensive range of services:

Consulting on logistics processes and software use

Consulting and realization of IT networks

Development, project realization, migration

Commissioning and ramp-up support

User training

Software maintenance, monitoring, cyber security

24 x 365 user support

Contact us if you would like to find out more about logOS WMS and the opportunities for your intralogistics.

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