Cybersecurity as a Service is our standard

As your IT-OT cyber security partner, we always design and deliver intralogistics solutions with effective security concepts. Built-in protection, end-to-end.

Adaptive - Proactive - Reliable

Tackling cyber attacks proactively

Industry 4.0 - the digital networking of the virtual and physical world - holds enormous potential. Warehouse solutions and equipment can now also be raised to a completely new level of performance. Next-generation automation.

However, as industrial systems and control systems (OT) are connected to incorporate IT, the risks of cyber attacks are also growing. OT networks and the merging with digital operating environments can open up unprecedented gateways for hackers who previously had no access to your systems.

With over 40 years of experience in intralogistics and software development, we counter these threats with highly effective security measures that we continue to develop in line with the times. Our five-stage cyber security package of measures ensures the highest possible level of attack protection - to actively protect your IT/OT intralogistics implementation against a wide range of collateral threats.

Since the integration of the new logOS software solution, including the customized cyber security package, I have a clear conscience that our innovative company is securely protected.

Alexander Lind, EVER Pharma

Our 5-step cyber security defense management package of measures

Behind our software solutions is a holistic, five-step cyber security management system that we implement hand in hand with a certified cyber security partner. This not only enables you to effectively prevent cyber crime-related malfunctions, downtimes, delivery problems and reputational damage. You will also significantly improve your risk and meet relevant compliance requirements.

Our solution includes: Network segmentation, patching, hardening, IT endpoint security / OT endpoint security as well as XDR detection and response due to additional vulnerability scanners.

With our IT Endpoint Security / OT Endpoint Security - as a Service solutions, we limit the potential impact of unknown attacks. Risks and vulnerabilities are quickly identified and minimized. Vulnerable PLCs and sensors are shielded. This enables us to effectively stop targeted attacks and malware.

Our innovative XDR-24x7 monitoring detects, intervenes and analyzes proactively around the clock. A secure solution is also provided via virtual patching for systems for which no patches are available. This means that ongoing operations can be maintained without interruption in all cases.

Cyberattacks are not a question of if, but when. Let us show you how you can protect yourself today.

Giuseppe Auriemma, Head of Software Support & IT Solutions

Why choose cyber security solution from Stöcklin:

Certified Cyber Security Partner

Reliable, future-oriented industrial firewall solutions, together with Trend Micro as an experienced partner and market key-player

Avoid malfunctions in systems and processes, cost-intensive downtimes, loss of sales, data theft and loss, delivery problems and reputational damage

Professional improvement of the risk situation and compliance, in accordance with the required certified OT security standards

Effective protection against security vulnerabilities in the operating system and application

Stop Zero Day Attacks

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