Storage solutions for automotive companies

Enormous diversity of variants, complex global supply chains, just-in-time sequencing: The automotive industry is familiar with major intralogistics challenges. Stöcklin, in turn, has intelligent solutions for highly efficient management of material flows and warehouse processes.

Automated - Reliable - Just in time

Proven intralogistics from an experienced partner

A wide range of vehicle models, countless parts and components, intensive sequencing on the production line: an intralogistics solution for automotive companies must be able to seamlessly synchronize delivery times, stock levels and material provision windows with production schedules, control them accordingly and monitor them in real time.

Stöcklin supplies smart system solutions, operational technology (OT) and intelligent logOS Software Suite (IT) for high-performance pallets and small parts warehouses, with which you can maneuver a large number of stock keeping units (SKUs) in the smallest of spaces - and ensure fast, processing-ready availability of components for your assembly lines. Automated. Reliable. Just in time.

Quickly adapted - long-lasting in use

A modern warehouse is a considerable investment. Stöcklin offers modular building block systems for all high racking, storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), conveyor systems and floor conveyor fleets to ensure that you see a return on your investment in the highly innovative automotive industry, where requirements can change quickly with production. Pallet and small parts warehouses can be easily expanded and redesigned, and additional automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and free-moving conveyor robots of any size can be integrated into the fleet at any time. Adapt the routes and sequence of automatic container and pallet transports in just a few simple steps.

We always provide predictive maintenance and servicing for all installed components and your mobile equipment fleet to ensure maximum operational readiness and longevity with a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Our services are manufacturer-independent and conducted in Switzerland by our dedicated service technicians, both on-site and in our own workshops. For locations outside Switzerland, we rely on trusted partners. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive worldwide spare parts guarantee.

Equipped for special environments

We have the capability to outfit specialized storage areas with temperature and humidity sensors, facilitate material handling through pick-by-light technology, integrate tracking and tracing systems with our material flow computers, and provide comprehensive process analysis and optimization through big data analytics. This ensures complete visibility of each item's location at all times, enabling seamless traceability for quality control and product recalls.

20 % lower electricity costs thanks to Green Logistics

The future of intralogistics lies in electromobility. Conveyor systems and storage and retrieval components are powered by electricity. Additionally, complementing our assortment of combustion-powered forklift trucks, you'll discover an expanding selection of advanced electrically powered or assisted pallet trucks and transport vehicles.

Our emphasis is on eco-friendly logistics across the board, implementing intelligent energy management concepts and solutions that can decrease electricity usage in your warehouse by up to 20%. This spans from our patented lithium-ion battery and rapid-charging concepts to low-wear, low-consumption startup processes and the recuperation of braking energy. Additionally, we offer intelligent route planning, including double-change calculations, for our MASTer and BOXer stacker cranes.

A competent partner in intralogistics is like a reliable gear wheel in the clockwork of success - it brings expertise, efficiency and reliability to ensure the smooth flow of goods and information.

Urs Martin, Head of Sales CH/DE/A


Mercedes Benz AG, Düsseldorf, DE

Automated small parts warehouse (AKL) for Mercedes Benz AG / Düsseldorf plant

Safe handling of various plastic containers and special load carriers with short throughput times, in three-shift operation on five working days a week, resource-saving, ergonomic and standardized: This is what the miniload solution from Stöcklin can do at the Mercedes Benz AG Sprinter plant in Düsseldorf

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Automated centerpiece for just-in-time production

Store, transfer, retrieve: Intelligent solution puts up to 3,600 oversized containers in the automotive small parts warehouse in pole position at the right time for retrieval for assembly.

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Sonceboz SA, Boncourt, CH

Doubling the material flow for Sonceboz

In order to guarantee just-in-time replenishment for its ultra-modern production facility, one of the world's leading manufacturers of mechatronic systems relies on the fully automated high-bay pallet and container storage system from Stöcklin.

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Why choose Stoecklin

3D simulation for scenario-based system planning

In-house manufactured modular shelving systems, operating devices, conveyor systems and logOS software suite for automated pallet and small parts warehouses

With high-performance automated guided vehicles, conveyor systems and intelligent workplace solutions from goods receipt to dispatch

General contractor, manufacturer and integrator of 3rd party technology (track & trace, video surveillance, fire protection, warehouse visualization, etc.)

Forward-thinking complete system service for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology

Cross-manufacturer maintenance, servicing, worldwide spare parts stocking and strategic renewal for your equipment fleet

Special services such as our 24/7 telephone support, battery management, our own workshop in Switzerland and an international service partner network outside Switzerland

Certified fitters, technicians and device versions for ATEX and INOX

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