Analysis & consulting for best-in-class results

There are no standard solutions in intralogistics. Every company and every situation is unique. As part of a comprehensive consultation, we work with you to develop the optimal logistics solution for you and implement it successfully - based on our experience and digital analysis.

Data-based - Visualized - Tested

Optimizing space, time and resources is our profession

Would you like to optimize internal material and goods flows? Are you planning to implement a fully automated warehouse or upgrade existing systems for Industry 4.0? With Stöcklin, you have an experienced and reliable partner at your side for the future-oriented design of your pallet or small parts warehouse.

Our experienced intralogistics experts know the leading principles of intralogistics as well as the specific requirements of your industry with regard to the handling and storage of goods and materials. Whether automotive & electronics, pharmaceuticals & chemicals, food & beverages, manufacturing, wholesale or retail: we help you to store your products in a space-saving manner, manage them efficiently and convey and pick them as quickly as possible with minimal personnel costs. We impress with green energy management and sustainable utilization concepts throughout the entire system life cycle.

Simulate, visualize and test what will work tomorrow

We use state-of-the-art 3D simulation software to analyze the efficiency and resilience of your existing internal material and goods flows.

Depending on the initial situation, we can use the "digital twin" to simulate future processes and scenarios based on real or extrapolated operating data sets. We can benchmark alternative components against each other. Or we can design a series of completely new setups - from retrofitting your plant with sensors to a futuristic vision - to measure the impact of different variants on your operations and performance. Before you submit the most suitable system for project planning.

Our 3D software also enables us to deliberately simulate risk scenarios and malfunctions - whether in the system, in the environment or in the control software. This means you know the maximum output of your system and the sources of possible faults in advance and can incorporate these findings into your fault and emergency management. In this way, you can increase your operational resilience with our analysis and advice.

For resilience, performance and sustainable cost efficiency

Take advantage of our expertise in analysis and consulting to reliably find out what the best digitally controlled, automated material and goods flows look like for you. For maximum availability and low consumption, even with high capacity utilization, as well as a sustainable service life with low total operating costs.


Precise analysis and tailored advice are the key to success in intralogistics. It reveals potential, paves the way for efficiency increases and enables a forward-looking design of your warehouse processes

Arne Holland, Executive Vice President Sales Business Unit Solutions

We offer interlocking solutions in the following areas:

Analysis & consulting

There are no standard solutions in intralogistics. Every company and every situation is unique. As part of a comprehensive consultation, we work with you to develop the optimal logistics solution for you and implement it successfully - based on our experience and digital analyses.


Conception & realization

Do you have well-founded plans and now you need an experienced partner for detailing and implementation? We accompany you from the first step of conception and project planning to the delivery of your complete turnkey system.


Maintenance & servicing

Your success stands and falls with trouble-free intralogistics. That's why we offer everything you need for maximum operational readiness of your storage and conveyor technology. In particular, strong customer service and the right service agreements for you.


Spare parts

Stoecklin offers a long-term original spare parts guarantee for its own products - and a high availability of spare parts for products from other manufacturers. No matter where your system is located.


Service Desk

Rapid troubleshooting is essential for resilient operations. It creates security for your delivery readiness and your customers. That is why the Stöcklin Service Desk is available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


IT / Cyber Security

As your IT-OT cyber security partner, we always design and deliver intralogistics solutions with effective security concepts. Built-in protection, end-to-end.



Whether it's a customized expansion or a smart upgrade with intelligent system control and leading software: we retrofit and/or expand your existing warehouse solutions and systems so that you can simply continue working - with state-of-the-art technology.


Why choose Stoecklin for complete intralogistics solutions:

Decades of industry and consulting experience

Analyses and scenario visualization with leading 3D simulation software

Full service through to complete turnkey solution

Intralogistics systems, devices and components developed and manufactured in-house

Intelligent system and material flow control with Stöcklin logOS Software Suite

Maintenance models and predictive maintenance for every requirement

24/7 service option with in-house service management and experienced technical team

International on-site service partner network, own inspection workshop

Multi-brand expertise

Worldwide 24-hour spare parts service

Particularly short response times

Leading security solutions for your systems and device fleet

Certified training for optimum operation of your systems

Swiss Quality: End-to-end - also in service

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