Smart Material Handling

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Exactly the right material handling solution

Based on your specific requirements, you can select the ideal material handling solution from our extensive range of forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Our offerings span from hand pallet trucks and order pickers to driverless transport systems. Our intelligent modular system provides the perfect forklift trucks tailored for use in specialized environments. For instance, we offer IECEx-certified EX-protected devices for handling explosive or sensitive substances, as well as stainless INOX devices to meet stringent hygienic requirements. Whatever your transportation needs entail, we will custom-develop a solution for you, ensuring flexibility and a unique price-performance ratio.

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Highly efficient and scalable AGV/AGV

Our intelligent AGV EAGLE-ANT solutions are reduced to the essentials and have maximum availability. Thanks to their technical optimizations, they are designed for a fast ROI (return on investment).

The best investment we have ever made. Within 8 months, the first two AGVs had already paid for themselves.

Hans Peter Früh, owner of Früh Verpackungstechnik AG

Why choose Stocklin for your material handling solutions

User-oriented modular system: wide range of modular products

In-house production, workshop and service management by experienced employees at the Technology Center Laufen, CH

Sustainable investment: the special quality guarantees a long service life and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Maximum availability thanks to experienced service management teams

Continuous technical optimizations guarantees a fast ROI (return on investment)

Designed and certified for special environments and special requirements

Highly efficient Stöcklin lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy system, also for explosion-protected areas

Own patents (e.g. ATEX Li-Ion energy system) or necessary certifications (ATEX, IECEx, KOSHA) for our international explosion protection solutions

Our product range for standard applications and our intelligent solutions through to integrated fleet management also cover your individual requirements for efficient processes and stand for low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Valentin Adelfio, Executive Vice President Business Unit Material Handling

Sustainable quality and availability: our comprehensive service portfolio for your industrial truck fleet

Fleet management

Stöcklin has proven itself on the market for years with first-class fleet management. Our aim: This service is particularly tailored for all popular forklift trucks and most mobile intralogistics equipment. With round-the-clock availability, prompt response times, and hassle-free communication, we ensure seamless support for your needs.


Maintenance & servicing

Complete maintenance for your intralogistics fleet, for products from all manufacturers, from hand pallet trucks and lifting platforms to heavy front loaders:

Preventive, responsive, qualified, from a single source. With maintenance and repair services that meet the requirements of our clients. This is the foundation on which we create decisive added value for you.


In-house workshop

Stöcklin operates a unique in-house overhaul workshop for overhauling large components or converting forklifts and driverless transport vehicles.


Rental service

Do you need a rental device to cover short-term order peaks or for a longer period of time? Our rental service will provide you with the right rental equipment at any time. Thanks to our own truck, you do not need an extra loading ramp.

Spare parts service

This service is particularly tailored for all popular forklift trucks and most mobile intralogistics equipment. With round-the-clock availability, prompt response times, and hassle-free communication, we ensure seamless support for your needs.


Battery service

Ensuring the long-term economic operation of your forklift trucks and other battery-powered intralogistics devices requires more than just regular maintenance of mechanics and electronics. Proper care for the battery is also essential. At Stöcklin, our battery service experts collaborate with you to determine the optimal intervals for servicing each battery.


Training courses

Our Stöcklin experts train your operators so that you can use your equipment fleet at full capacity in an energy-efficient, low-wear and sustainable manner.

If you have your own maintenance team, we will expand our partnership with first-class know-how for your mechanics.



Our AGV support is backed by a 24/7 service desk - experienced technicians from our company who work with you to organize the rapid troubleshooting of your AGV devices. By telephone, by connecting to your systems (remotely) or by arranging on-site service personnel.

Efficient stackers for all situations

They are robust and efficient. Versatile helpers and energy-efficient power packages for every application. With quality forklifts from Stöcklin and equipment from our brand partners, you can move almost any load safely around practically any corner. Fast. Reliably. Problem-free.

Efficient stackers

FTS Solutions

Automate your internal material flow intelligently and flexibly with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), which are available 24/7.

FTS Solutions

Full service for your equipment fleet

Permanently installed systems are only one part of your intralogistics - much of the movement of various containers, small parts and heavy loads is carried out by free-standing and self-propelled intelligent devices. With Full Services from Stöcklin, you can always rely on the highest operational readiness of your entire intralogistics fleet.

Material Handling

Case Studies

Food & Beverage

Emmi Schweiz AG, Ostermundingen, CH

IT landscape harmonized, intermediate transports automated

Reorganization of intralogistics at Emmi Schweiz AG's Ostermundigen site: functional expansion, automation of goods transport using an automated guided vehicle system (AGV) and needs-based modification of the warehouse management system for greater process flexibility and handling.

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Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, DE

Tested and documented safety

For the science and technology company Merck KGaA, Stöcklin supplied explosion-proof industrial trucks with EX batteries as well as standard industrial trucks with lithium-ion batteries.

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