High-bay warehouse: Record height in record time for EMS-Chemie AG

Latest solution for fully automated handling of industrial pallets up to 45 m high for EMS-Chemie AG.

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Project focus

Extension to the highest high-bay warehouse in Switzerland as general contractor


Building, pallet transport system (TAP), pallet racking and 2 modular MASTer storage and retrieval machines (2042) with anti-pendulum technology


Fully automated pallet bays; stable handling of large containers up to 45 m high


Planning and completion in just 11 months, reduced number of lifting stations and labeling machines for more space and more efficient work with forklifts and logistics personnel in the open areas

Experienced in large-scale projects - Height-tested - Customer-oriented

A marathon at sprinting speed

Rapid growth, increased capacities for poliamide specialties and extensive expansion plans: EMS-Chemie has been on the move at the Domat/Ems site for years. Following positive experiences with the high storage heights of high-bay warehouse 3, which was completed in 2012, two further superlative pallet warehouses, HRL 4 and HRL 5, are to ensure material availability and production output at a new level by the end of 2023. Number 4 went into operation under Stoecklin's general contracting at the end of 2021 after just 11 months of finely coordinated construction. And number 5 was realized with Stöcklin at record speed by the end of November 2023.

With the new high-bay warehouse, we are rapidly expanding our shipping and storage capacity so that we can continue to supply the global markets quickly and flexibly.

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors EMS-Chemie AG

Exactly the right solution

To tackle major challenges, you need confidence, not just for the sake of it, but because you understand the undertaking ahead. Stöcklin knew exactly what EMS-Chemie needed: from eight years of maintenance and service readiness for HRL 3, the team had a wealth of experience with the requirements of the polimer specialist and the vertical storage of large, heavy containers in long, narrow aisles.

This resulted in a concept for efficient automated conveying and multi-deep storage and retrieval of additional industrial pallets weighing several tons at a height of up to 45 m, precisely tailored to the areas involved.

It was advantageous for the project that almost all the high-bay elements, including shelving, were manufactured at our headquarters in Laufen, which, together with the short distances, gave us important time advantages.

Raphael Weber, Project Manager

At the center of the pallet storage system solution:

The two modularly designed MASTer-2042 storage and retrieval machines, a pallet transport system and pallet racking, as well as the anti-oscillation technology, which stably compensates for dangerous swaying movements at significant altitudes.

Thanks to intelligent project planning, the number of lifting stations and labeling machines was reduced. This resulted not only in substantial savings in investment expenses but also in increased available space and improved maneuverability for forklifts and logistics personnel.

Good reasons for high-bay pallet storage solutions from Stoecklin

Proven general contractor with experienced large-scale project management

Experience in maintenance and service readiness for superlative high-bay warehouses

High flexibility and rapid scalability thanks to plug & play-capable system solution

Sustainable investment, long service life, low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

In-house production, workshop and service management by experienced employees at the Technology Center Laufen, CH

Patented energy systems

Certifications (ATEX, IECEx, KOSHA) for special applications

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