Thrifty transport talent for energetic purposes

The Swiss Holenstein Group has expanded its fleet of fork lifts at Wil near St. Gallen to include six Stöcklin drawbar units equipped with Li-ion technology. Since October 2017, this new equipment has proven itself in hard, practical use. Thanks to the integrated energy system, the batteries can be recharged in a maximum of two hours. In comparison to solutions using conventional lead-acid batteries, this technology has made it possible to significantly reduce the number of battery changes as well as the power consumption.

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Good service is everything!

MIFA concluded a full service contract with Stöcklin to that their fleet of stackers remains failsafe and available in the long term. This fleet management implemented at the Frenkendorf location focuses on maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts. Based on the results of a prior application analysis, it was possible to reduce the number of machines incorporated into the material flow by over ten percent. These savings are very notable, particular in terms of the maintenance costs.

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