Maintenance of floor handling equipment

The key to ensuring equipment is always ready for use, is proper maintenance. Stöcklin offers you a variety of maintenance models. We can help you find the right model for your requirements.

Maintenance models

Full service contract

If you want to know right from the start what maintenance will cost you, your best choice is our clearly defined full service contract.
With this contract you can enjoy maximum availability in accident-free operation while ensuring a clear overview of your operating costs.
This is billed as a lump sum including preventative maintenance, Swisslifter safety check and repairs. The only thing it does not cover is damage due to acts of God or improper operation.

Maintenance contract

If your focus is on timely maintenance to prevent interventions, you are best served with our maintenance contract.
In coordination with you we will work out a maintenance plan based on your anticipated operating time.
We then service your equipment on site at regular intervals. Maintenance work according to flat rates, repair work and parts billed separately..

Maintenance work management

We remind you punctually, when maintenance or a safety check is due for your forklift according to our database. You decide yourself, what you want done in each case. The work is billed according to our current rates.

Safety check

Safety is becoming increasingly important. We ensure that your equipment is also up to date in this respect.
The Swisslifter Safety Check set standards, which we observe conscientiously. For your safety.

ATEX Inspections

If you operate equipment in explosion endangered areas, we are the right partner for you! For many years, explosion protection has been one of our core competencies. As an ATEX certified manufacturer, we test your equipment for conformity.

Match point: Optimally equipped service trucks with all key parts on board guarantee legendarily short downtimes.

Multiple brand competency

Does your machine pool consist of various brands? We are proud of our comprehensive competency for all products! Whatever you need repaired, save yourself money by requesting a counter offer from us.