Fleet management

For years Stöcklin has lead the market with its first class fleet management.

Stöcklin FleetControl stands for a transparent forklift fleet and is a complete fleet management system for floor handling equipment (forklift and stacker trucks). After an operational analysis by our experts and implementation of Stöcklin FleetControl, potentials will be discovered and use of the equipment better controlled, monitored and continuously optimized. Sustainability is also ensured by state-of-the-art battery and charging technology using, for example, lithium ion technology with increased efficiency and simultaneous power savings. The transparency, efficiency and safety of your fleet is increased, the overall costs effectively reduced. For many years well known small and large companies have trusted us with their fleet and profited from our experience with regard to optimization and sustainability.

We supervise various large Swiss companies directly. The supervised fleets with forklifts from all manufacturers are distinguished by optimum availability and efficiency.

Regardless of how your company maintenance is handled:  We supplement the existing structure or take over maintenance entirely with maintenance planning, administration and practical use of the vehicles. Our concept with comprehensive consultation helps you reduce costs and ensure that your vehicle fleet is fit for the future.

FleetControl online ensures complete transparency for each of our steps.

Extended fleet management with wireless driver access management, shock sensors, damage documentation and completely documented vehicle management is our profession.

Thanks to our highly specialized manufacturer know-how were are also the right partner for ATEX-protected equipment, GMP applications and driverless transport systems.

Visit applicable reference companies with us! We are looking forward to helping you attain greater economic success with our fleet management.

Stöcklin Fleet management stands for:

  • Top performance at very economical prices
  • Forklift operation without problems
  • Documented safety of your equipment at all times
  • Top availability for your vehicle fleet
  • Clarity in all situations
  • Complete transparency at all times
  • Balanced replacement strategy
  • Competent and requirement-oriented consulting