Safety training

The requirements for labor safety have increased significantly during the past few years.

In context with high bay warehouses, the focal point is the subject of working at heights: As a matter of principle protective measures are required for working heights greater than 2.0 meters. Since collective protection measures are not possible for stacker cranes, use of safety ropes (personal protective equipment to prevent falling, PFPE) is required. Work with such equipment is to be performed exclusively by verifiably trained personnel equipped appropriately for the situation.

Stöcklin offers this one-day training together with a partner, in a specially equipped hall, near the Stöcklin headquarters in Dornach.

The training is laid out for the specific branch using automatic and manual high bay warehouses. The references correspond to the SUVA criteria.

Training contents


  • Regulations and statutory principles
  • PPE: Requirements and applicationsn
  • Inspection and storage of PPE
  • Physics of falling accidents: Fall area, swinging fall and fall factor
  • Slinging points


  • PPE check
  • Putting on and adjusting PPE
  • Work preparation and hazard assessment
  • Exercises for specific branches
  • Rescue with own means
  • High bay warehouse branch module


All participants

  • Familiar with legal principles and can assess situations
  • Can use PPE properly and safely
  • Can evaluate PPE in terms of suitability for work to be performed
  • Is capable of planning and performing rescue with own means