Stöcklin builds new high bay warehouse for Hausammann Lagerhaus AG


Hausammann Lagerhaus AG in Märstetten/TG, Switzerland, awarded Stöcklin Logistik AG the contract for the construction of its new high bay warehouse at the end of November 2018. The new automatic high bay warehouse will have a total capacity of approx. 7800 pallets and containers. Together with the block storage in the main building, this means a total capacity of 10,000 pallet spaces. What is special is that the new warehouse complex, which is designed as a load-bearing structure, is divided into two areas.

The first section, with approx. 3000 storage spaces, is designed for storage in the ATEX area at a temperature of +12°C to +23°C. Three MASTer 24 type stacker cranes, equipped with a telescopic fork for double-depth storage, store and retrieve the containers.

The second storage area – for a total of 4800 storage spaces – is designed for the storage of frozen products at a temperature of -28°C. It is currently planned that one of the two aisles will be operated at +2°C to +12°C at the start of production and can be cooled down to the aforementioned temperatures at a later date, if necessary. The frozen and the currently refrigerated areas are each operated by an 18-metre-high MASTer 24 type stacker crane, with a PowerShuttle type channel vehicle planned for each area as the load handling device for the multiple-depth racking.

The scope of supply also includes the complete conveyor system in the pre-storage zone, so that storage and retrieval can be handled efficiently, as well as the complete material flow computer with various and special applications requested by the client.

The warehouse is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2020.