More efficiency with double tier picking


“Fast movers” for multiple story applications at BRUDER Toys

At the request of their dealer Fiegl Conveying Equipment in Nürnberg, Stöcklin Logistik AG supplied the toy manufacturer BRUDER in Fürth, Germany, with twelve double tier electric driver-seated units and one low lift picker. These extremely robust, high speed and highly manoeuvrable “fast movers” can be easily and safely operated from their ergonomic operator console and clearly arranged control panel, guaranteeing efficient double tier transport.

Since 1926 the brand name BRUDER has stood for high quality, plastic toys designed with children in mind. This family enterprise offers numerous, detailed models of construction, emergency and commercial vehicles. In addition they offer parts and sets from other subject areas such as recreation, agriculture and forestry. With this selection, children are offered the opportunity of creating their own world of toys and, in this manner, gaining valuable knowledge of the adult world for their own development. 

Production and logistics are closely coordinated at BRUDER. As a result, forklifts are used to supply materials to the assembly stations as well as pick up the finished products. The newly procured “fast movers” - as they are called internally - operate in one to three shifts providing injection molded plastic parts, which are assembled at the workstations to semi-finished goods, where they are also packaged.

Compact, versatile and strong

Even though this traditional Fürth company has already placed its confidence in used equipment from the Swiss manufacturer in the past, the impetus for new negotiations was generated by a comprehensive analysis of the market. Stöcklin forklift trucks as well as all competitive models, were subjected to the usual, intensive and simultaneously stringent in-house testing at BRUDER. Here the comments from Robert Hochreuther, Operational Logistics Manager: 

"In addition to performance and ergonomics, the economic efficiency as well as the safety and durability of these machines were checked in addition to testing during every day use by the operators."

The Stöcklin forklifts are also equipped with an access control feature with code lock to meet the high safety standards specified by BRUDER. Moreover they are equipped with “BlueLight”; a visual warning system for approaching vehicles using a blue light beam on the floor to prevent possible collisions.   

Stability and optimal traction even in the most difficult application conditions

The users have also been convinced by additional equipment and performance-related features: These 800 mm wide units, with length of only 2,013 mm, are the shortest units of their type with a turning radius of only 1,823 mm and corresponding agility with a top speed of 12 km/h in the loaded state.

"With these Stöcklin inhouse designed and manufactured stackers with a lift height of 1.8 m, in the two-level version with 3,000 kg of payload, two pallets at once can be loaded and transported"

explained Valentin Adelfio, Stöcklin Executive Board Member and Manager of the Forklift Trucks Division.

“The lateral drive and level compensation ensure high stability and optimum traction for handling material.” The maintenance-free, three-phase AC motors offer high torque at low speed and proven, smooth operation. The AC travel and steering motor as well as the variable-speed DC hoisting motor are designed for maximum energy savings and the electric steering operates without a potentiometer. Regenerative electronic brakes recover electric power. The LOS system (Limited Operating Strategy) allows limited operation even when defects are present. The driving characteristics and other parameters can be set easily on the manual programming console to meet varying user requirements.

Ergonomic and robust multi-functional handle

The eye-catching and simultaneously important details for ergonomics as well as labor and operational safety include the multifunction handle, developed in-house and produced using special tools. This is also a feature on the Stöcklin cross-seat stackers. With the aid of this handle, which also serves as an entry aid, the operator can control forward and reverse motion by simply moving his thumb in the desired direction.

"People's movement-related skills are at their most sensitive in the thumb" explains Haller "and this was taken into account in our development process. In addition, controlling forwards and backwards motion with slight lever movements in the corresponding direction is safer and quicker. Complicated actuation of a change-over switch beforehand is eliminated”.

Buttons are located on the side of the lever for actuating the initial lift as well as the raising and lowering functions with your fingers. Further features include the two-stage, steering-angle-dependent speed reduction as well as speed-dependent steering wheel sensitivity.

Comprehensive customer service, flexibility and customer proximity

"With Stöcklin we have a constructive partner whose experience with practical applications for lift trucks is always implemented directly." stated Roland Fiegl, Business Manager at Fiegl Conveying. This company with headquarters in Wendelstein, has been active as a dealer in the floor handling equipment branch and as a representative for well known brands for decades. Accessories such as batteries and chargers as well as all types of services, maintenance and equipment complete the range. “Customer service, customer proximity and flexibility are matters of course for us and the prerequisite for BRUDER to provide reliable service,” continued Fiegl. For this toy manufacturer, “one of the primary criteria for selection of the Stöcklin stackers”, added Robert Hochreuter.

Over 80 years of Swiss stacker quality from the company’s own development and production.

In its company division of floor handling equipment, Stöcklin Logistik AG in Dornach, Switzerland, produces approx. 5,000 hand trucks and 1,200 to 1,500 forklifts each year. The range of equipment includes electric drawbar and electric driver-seated trucks, driverless transport vehicles and systems such as special stackers (also ATEX, INOX, etc.) for highly varying branches. The “Sprinters” from Stöcklin are also convincing in demanding every day use: For example, nearly 600 of these vehicles are in use by a logistics service provider in Northern Germany.

As Valentin Adelfio stressed: “Stöcklin produces by far the best quality, most sturdy, high speed hand pallet trucks”. Naturally, these have their price. Many of these hand pallet trucks, with which nearly 80% of the underfloor chain-pulled conveyors in Europe are equipped, have, however, been in use in three shift operation for more than 30 years. The work is safer, goes faster and the handling is simple. In the long run Stöcklin products are always worthwhile”, in the opinion of the floor handling equipment expert.

The value philosophy followed consistently by Stöcklin Logistics becomes clear, when we consider the maintenance of old equipment. According to Adelfios, frequently stackers with up to 40 years of use are brought to Dornach where they are completely overhauled within just a few days. In addition to the short repair time, the costs for repair also remain moderate.