High lift trucks from Stöcklin - compact, robust, durable


Valentin Adelfio, Business Manager of the Floor Handling Equipment Division The proven modular system offered by the Swiss Forklift Manufacturer, ensures the ideal vehicle for every purpose.

Stöcklin has implemented 3 different module systems, while deliberately forgoing supplier-dependent laptop software for control.

Series ED (Electric – Drawbar - High lift truck)

EDD – Drawbar – Double tier stacker for 1.2 t and 2.0 t with center or side drive.

EDS – Drawbar – High lift stacker for 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 and 1.6 t, drawbar at center or side

EDI – Drawbar – High lift stacker with initial lift for 1.4 and 1.6 t, drawbar at center or side

The main features of this modular system and the arrangement of the battery integrated into the load part and the various sizes of interchangeable batteries available for selection from 150 Ah to 360 Ah. With their short front length of 660 mm (EDS with 170 Ah British standard battery) to 755 mm (EDI with 250 Ah DIN battery) they are among the most compact and efficient machines on the market. 

The EDD designed primarily for ramp handing are only 700 mm wide and, regardless of the drive, always equipped with the drawbar in the center of the vehicle. Depending on the application, traction = center drive or stability = side drive, customers can select the optimal machine for their requirements. Both types of units with side drive can also be equipped with a driver platform and fixed or hinged side bars.

The EDS and EDI high lift units are intended more for use in the warehouse. It is possible to select between units with single mast, mast with free travel up to triplex masts.

All ED models have an identical drive unit with tree-phase (AC) motor and CAN bus electronic control. The functions can be actuated very easily with the new ergonomic drawbar head with user-friendly rocker buttons. Infinite elevating speed control using speed-regulated hydraulic pumps are a standard feature just as are the emergency off button and combined battery monitor with operating time counter which simultaneously displays various functions.

EH series (Electric - Manual mode - High lift truck) in extremely robust design with 3000 kg initial lift

EHS – High lift trucks for 1,250 kg / 1,600 kg or 2,000 kg

EHI – High lift trucks (with initial lift) for 1,250 kg / 1,600 kg or 1,800 kg

This series with width of only 800 mm, allows virtually infinite possibilities for basic types, which can also be “screwed together” with initial lift. Naturally the optimum hoisting platform can be selected and screwed on to match the required load capacity and elevating height. This series of high lift trucks includes an important unique feature: the initial lift can be ordered with a load capacity of 3,000 kg as an option. No other standard vehicle on the market offers this capability.

In contrast to the ED series, the battery is integrated into the drive stage on these models, so it does not have to be lifted with each lifting operation. The ideal dimensions, width 800 mm and front length of 785 mm (270 Ah DIN battery) or 870 mm (360 Ah DIN battery), saves spaces in the warehouse or increases the handling efficiency without any reductions to the human engineering features. Stöcklin was the first supplier to offer this type of machine with a strong three phase (AC) drive with output of 2.2 kW. With the optional, electronic, three-phase drawbar steering it was possible to improve the working conditions, as well as incorporate safety related refinements such as speed reduction in curves. The proportional electronic control for the mast travel built into all units as a standard feature, allows even extremely fine travel corrections. The EH series can also be equipped with a driver’s platform with hinged side bars as an option. 

The EH series units are also available as with explosion protection for zones I and II. Individual use of these special components also allows further types of protection against moisture, dust, etc. which can be installed directly during assembly of the machine.

Sturdiness and quality

We don’t ask: “would you like something else?” - we just include it!

Just put your hand on our machines and you can feel the material strength of our chassis and especially on the claws, and form your own opinion which machines will last longer under hard use, particularly on loading ramps? Multiple shift applications with 4,500 actual hours of operation each year, with two 1,500 kg pallets each time are not uncommon.

ATEX high lift trucks with EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE in compliance with EC Directive 94/9/EC, Appendix 111. Stöcklin is one of the few ATEX manufacturers with an EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE.

EXS – Drawbar – high lift truck for 1.6 t, drawbar at side

EXI – Drawbar – high lift truck for 1.6 t and 2.0 t, initial lift, drawbar at side

The machines with explosion protection comply with classification “Ex II 2G Ex de IIB +H2 T4 Gb” and “II 2D Ex tb IIIB t 100°C Db”.  This means that these machines can be used in gas and dust atmospheres without retrofitting. Since the machines are built as ATEX versions from the very beginning and not “retrofitted” as are machines from other manufacturers, the Stöcklin ATEX machines offer an unbeatable price/benefit ratio and very short delivery times.

They are controlled with rocker switches on the drawbar head, which communicate with the AC controls for the travel and hoisting drives via CAN bus. The controls as well as the operating time counter are encapsulated in compliance with ATEX requirements.  A solution with speed-controlled AC motor was selected for hoisting. The motors were intentionally laid out with large dimensions to prevent critical temperatures under heavy use. The steering drawbar is attached at the side direct on the travel drive to ensure good visibility even during storage operations.

In addition to the attractive design, the EXI 16 is also distinguished by its minimum dimensions in comparison to other machines on the market. To prevent mixups we deviated from our previous yellow-blue color finish, and have intentionally selected the conspicuous color combination yellow-red.