Galliker (CH)


Galliker Transport AG, one of the largest Swiss transport and logistics companies, is investing successively in expansion of their intralogistic structure. After conclusion of the first phase of construction, a fully automatic high bay pallet warehouse of food and health care products was initially put into operation. The facility, operated at ambient temperatures of -26°C, is distinguished by its outward appearance as well as a sophisticated, intralogistic inner life for maximum availability and labor safety - made by Stöcklin Logistik AG.

BranchLogistics service provider
Year of installation2015
Primary modulesStöcklinWCS
HOST SystemEhrhardt + Partner
Subsystems4 Deep-freeze stacker cranes
1 Deep-freeze conveyor system
Normal temperature stacker cranes
3 Normal temperature conveying systems
Storage volume 9,000 deep-free pallets, 26,000 normal temperature pallets
VariousComplex emergency strategies
Project reportDe Luxe deep-freeze combination