EAGLE-ANT - Driverless floor handling equipment


Why was the EAGLE-ANT conceived? The idea developed from an initial vision to conceive a new type of driverless transport vehicle, which is significantly more cost-effective in comparison with the currently available solutions on the market - both in terms of its purchase price and in daily operation. In addition, the product should score in terms of flexibility, high performance density and attractive design. The Stöcklin Logistics development engineers obtained support from their partner BlueBotics SA, which contributed its know-how in the field of innovative navigation technology. The EAGLE-ANT was finally perfected in terms of sustainable "Green Logistics" through the integration of the "Stöcklin Power“ lithium-ion energy package.

The result

An exceptionally powerful, compact and equally optically appropriate low lift, driverless transport vehicle was the result. It is designed for a carrying capacity of up to 1,600 kg and can work autonomously as well as in conjunction with other vehicles. The order input is performed manually on the control panel or via WLAN connection. In addition, the use of the innovative ANT-Lite navigation technology has proved to be both high performing and cost-optimizing. Safety and orientation are assured via a laser scanner. The start-up is simple and a clever traffic management system harmonies the joint operation of several driverless transport vehicles in the working environment.

A further piece of performance innovation is the "Stöcklin Power" energy package. This is based on a lithium-ion battery which can be completely charged up within a period of only 2 hours. In combination with an active battery management system, a long working life with around 5,000 complete loading cycles can be guaranteed. Loading is possible manually or using automatic loading bays.

The Eagle-Ant is also available with a lifting mast with a maximum stroke of 1,200 mm and load capacity of 1,200 kg as an optional expansion stage. This version is the ideal supplement to the Stöcklin equipment for handling payloads in horizontal conveying systems.


  • renowned and much appreciated Stöcklin Swiss Quality
  • sturdy and compact design
  • battery designed for long working life
  • charging requires only 2 hours
  • overheating, overload and total discharge are not possible

Energy efficiency

  • based on the "Stöcklin Power“ lithium-ion energy system
  • sustainable solution for a responsible use of resources
  • integrated battery management system provides reliable monitoring and protection
  • safe and long-life LiFeO4 lithium-iron-phosphate cells
  • improved energy balance has a positive effect on the company's balance sheet

User friendliness

  • clearly laid out instrument panel
  • simple order input
  • building data easy to read in
  • problem-free route modification
  • rapid start-up and integration of further vehicles

Innovative technology

  • autonomous navigation technology – small, simple, cost-effective
  • comes without induction leads or other routing guides
  • modern traffic management for collision-free operation
  • trend-setting, new lithium-ion battery
  • rapid start-up thanks to building scanning and teach-in drive

The economic miracle

  • The EAGLE-ANT impresses due to an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • The targeted cost improvements are not achieved at the expense of functionality and performance. Quite the opposite: these have been significantly improved!
  • The latest, intelligent lithium-ion technology improves availability and at the same time saves valuable time in the working day.
  • No further infrastructure needed, not even when several machines are being used.
  • Well-proven Stöcklin Swiss Quality guarantees the highest level of investment security.

Author: Urs Grütter