Regardless of who supplied your products before, our modular conversion concepts can give your equipment a “second life”.

In the area of retrofitting Stöcklin has its own independent department offering a competent team with many years of know-how, which is very familiar with the desires and requirements of system operators and considers these factors in the planning. Controls and software as well as mechanical components can frequently be retrofitted or converted to meet the increasing requirements of your company, thereby helping you to achieve your set strategic goals.

Our modernization team is looking forward to using their many years of experience and knowledge to bring your system up to the state of the art for more efficiency, less maintenance and, above all, to ensure that it is always available when you need it. We elaborate and realize solutions with optimum cost/benefit ratio in close cooperation with our customers. The large number of successful realized projects over decades for our customers are the best reference for our competency.

Reasons for retrofitting

Our team will be glad to help you evaluate your system to provide you with the right solution to restore efficient and economic operation on the market. Frequent reasons include:

  • Decreasing availability resulting from malfunctions
  • Discontinued product support
  • Obsolete higher level ERP and/or WMS systems
  • Increased performance requirements
  • Noncompliance with apllicable safety standards
  • Changes in operating environment
  • Increased repair and maintenance costs
  • Replace obsolete system components


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