Pallet Conveying System

Stöcklin Logistik is a supplier and manufacturer of pallet conveyor system solutions for fully automated storage and retrievals

The pallet warehouse system acts primarily as a buffer for the replenishment of the picking station. Design and dimensioning is accomplished according to specific requirements in consideration of the required loading aids as well as the desired throughput.

Automated Storage

The core element of the pallet conveying system solutions from Stöcklin Logistics are the modular designed stacker cranes of the MASTer series for fully automatic handling of industrial pallets, pallet cages, special load carriers and larger packing units in pallet racks at heights of up to 45 meters. Highly dynamic carriages combined with modular design guarantee maximum performance and high availability.

Advantages of our high bay warehouse system at a glance:

  • Highest possible storage and retrieval rates
  • Maximum availability
  • Minimum personnel requirements
  • Optimum use of available space
  • High operating reliability

Manual Storage

Manually controlled stacker cranes for high racks are particularly suitable for companies with a low flow of goods and simple infrastructure. This is distinguished by its high flexibility and minimum space requirement as well as attractive investment costs.

Conveying equipment

For intra-company material flow, Stöcklin offers a conveyor system capable of moving pallets and other load carriers efficiently and reliably in the horizontal and vertical direction. This conveying equipment with its modular design and capability of expansion at any time forms an important link between production, storage and picking zones and is decisive for quick and reliable operating processes.

An intelligent control system connected to high performance warehouse management software provides for dynamic and simultaneously smooth interaction with previous and subsequent horizontal and vertical conveying equipment in the material flow.


With state-of-the-art equipment for warehouse management systems, Stöcklin offers efficient solutions for picking in manual and automated storage facilities. We can provide picking solutions that will help you reducing costs and offer significant improvements for your picking operation.

Stöcklin helps facilitate the work in your warehouse, with the Stöcklin WMS link to all standard types of picking systems.

Links to:

  • Pick to Light
  • Pick by Light
  • Pick by Voice
  • Handheld (scanner)
  • Directly at picking station in conveying system.
  • Slip supported picking
  • customized picking solutions

Pallet Conveying System in action