Driverless transport systems

Transport system solutions for flexibly controlled, driverless material transportation.

In the age of Industry 4.0 driverless transport systems - also known as Automated Guided Vehicles or AGV's - are enjoying increased demand, because they are suitable for transport and secure handling of goods of all types in virtually all branches. This is particularly true in branches, requiring transport or storage and retrieval of unit loads. The vehicles travel along established routes in storage facilities and are controlled by an independent master system or, in large plants, coordinated by a master WMS.

In consideration of the boom in E-commerce, it is essential to adapt AGV's to the changing requirements in production and logistics, by changing the route, for example, without expensive modifications to the floor or to increase the number of vehicles. Automation of intralogistic processes can increase value added for companies, because personnel costs, which add up particularly in multiple shift operation, can be reduced significantly through the use of AGV's.

Stöcklin Logistik is a supplier and manufacturer of automated guided vehicle systems that are based on low-lift transport vehicles, laid out to support weights up to 1,600 kg. These provide robust design and unique price-performance ratio over their entire life cycle.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's) - Driverless Transport and Automated Transportation Management Systems

Advantages of our automated transportation management system at a glance:

  • High user friendliness
  • Integrated battery management
  • Proven energy efficiency
  • Lithium ion technology for maximum availability
  • Economical procurement and operation

Putting an AGV fleet equipped with innovative navigation technology is just as simple as integration of further vehicles. An intelligent traffic management system ensures collision-free operation.

Driverless transport systems in action