Overview of our logistics software solutions

The Stöcklin Software Suite consists of the main modules logOS WMS, logOS MFS and logOS DMA.


The logOS WMS, a warehouse and order management system, controls all intralogistics processes from goods receipt to goods out gates.

In doing so, it managed inventories, also depending on batches, expiration date, serial number, etc. within the managed storages and workstations. It executes retrieval orders sent by the host system. This depends on the best choice of material and the specified provision time. All retrieval processes such as picking, order consolidation, packing and ramp management are supported.


The logOS MFS, a storage location management and material flow module for automated warehouses can be controlled by the logOS WMS or directly from an external host system (e.g. ERP, MES, customer WMS) via transport orders.

In doing so, the system can manage all types of storage bins, depending on the required system delineation, and use intelligent goods in, relocation and retrieval strategies to optimize throughput and ensure necessary storage restrictions. The logOS MFS also contains a material flow control with control station. The material flow control, equipped with a visualization of the plant, executes transport orders and optimizes them depending on sequencing, failed routes, etc.


logOS DMA, the web-based statistics and monitoring tool, provides an in-depth view of business processes and plant stability and is also used for predictive maintenance. As a result, downtimes can be avoided and thus the availability of machines and plants can be increased.

Relevant key figures can be retrieved - also mobile - via different end devices and evaluated in freely definable time periods.