Stöcklin logOS WMS
(Inventory management & order processing)

The Stöcklin logOS WMS, a warehouse and order management system, controls all intralogistics processes from goods receipt to goods shipment.

In doing so, it manages the stocks within the managed warehouses, optionally based on batches, expiration dates and serial numbers. Depending on the most suitable material selection and the specified retrieval time, the logOS WMS executes retrieval orders from the host system. Retrieval processes such as picking, order consolidation, packing and ramp provisioning are supported. The logOS WMS can be operated autonomously or controlled by a higher-level system (host) via orders.

Standardized logistic processes

  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Storage location management for automatic as well as manual warehouses
  • client management
  • Strategies for handling with serial numbers, best before date, batches, blocked goods etc.
  • Picking methods like person to goods, goods to person, fully automated
  • Use of picking tools like mobile data devices, pick by light, put to light, pick by voice
  • Standard processes for goods receipt, putaways, storage, replenishment, picking, order consolidation, packing, shipping, inventory counting

Intuitive User Guidance

  • Extensive user management
  • Multilingualism
  • User dialogs designed for optimized process management
  • Efficient contextual data access Continuous logging of process flows

Optimized realization for new installations as well as modernizations

  • Parameterizable processes
  • Configurable host interface
  • Standardized data transfer for migrations
  • Development and implementation processes according to GMP

Stöcklin logOS WMS (Inventory management & order processing) in action