(Data, Monitoring and Alerting)

StöcklinDMA includes a web-based statistics and monitoring module. The statistics module assigned logical identification numbers to various peripheral units. The most important system data is logged continuously, allowing many types of evaluation over selected periods of time.

Statistics Module

A statistics module is available as an option feature for the WMS 5.6. Important data is logged in a separate database partition and compressed at various chronological intervals.
The data for the following main features is logged for statistical purposes:

  • Storage allocation
  • Stocks
  • Inventory
  • Transport operations
  • Stock receiving
  • Order picking
  • Outgoing goods
  • Management of empty containers
  • System availability
  • Energy Management

The statistics check can be called using a web browser (depending on client security regulations in Intranet only or also in the Internet). In addition to predefined site views, custom site view can also be created. A filter can be used on the observations periods to define the desired data. It is also possible to download the site view as an xml file.

Proactive Monitoring Module

Optimum efficiency and prophylaxis increase system availability. Proactive monitoring detects pending problems early, preventing down times.

  • Different infrastructure technologies offer various access possibilities for logging, collection and intelligent evaluation of data and information.
  • Industry 4.0 is on the rise. StöcklinDMA offers the possibility of automatically monitoring intra-logistics, production and IT globally using a tool and outputting alarms according to predefined rules.