15 / 18 / 20BT-9U

Electric forklift truck

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Positive points for the newly developed 3-wheel electric forklifts with counterweight and front wheel drive are excellent handling, higher productivity and simple maintenance.

15 / 18 / 20BT-9U


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Stroke heights up to 7.0 m

Load capacity up to 2000 kg

  • The driver protection roof fulfills and even exceeds all CEE and ANSI requirements, while providing an excellent panoramic view.
  • LSP 500 mm
  • When lowering the forks, the lowering valve regulates the lowering speed

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum performance
  • Spacious operator cab
  • Miniature joystick (optional)
  • Weight display (optional)
  • Safety system prevents overloading (optional)
  • Side loading system for battery
  • Curve control system