110D-9 / 130D-9 / 160D-9

Diesel forklift trucks

The new master at your workplace!

The efficient and ergonomically designed 110D-9 / 130D-9 / 160D-9 forklifts are ideally suited to meet your requirements.

110D-9 / 130D-9 / 160D-9


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Stroke heights up to 7.0 m

Load capacity up to 16000 kg

  • Transmission control switch: The driver can select between manual shifting or, in the automatic mode between a two or three speed transmission.
  • Full illumination: The standard operating lights at the front and rear ensure good visibility at all times.
  • High mast tilt angle: The mast can be tilted a maximum of 15 ° to the front and 12 ° to the back.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Turbocharger with variable turbine geometry
  • New CM2250 (ECU)
  • Clean crankcase filter
  • Powerful combustion