ESI 16 / 18 Option Sit-stand stool

Stand-up high lift truck with initial lift

This truck is an HFS series product designed consistently using the module principle. Various openings and an ingenious, hinged mechanism allow easy access to all areas requiring maintenance. A roll-out mechanism is provided for operation with interchangeable batteries. Various mast versions with partial or full free stroke are available for selection. In addition to the tandem load rollers, an EMERGENCY OFF Button and combination operating time counter/battery monitor are included as standard features.

ESI 16 / 18 Option Sit-stand stool


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Stroke heights up to 5.2 m

Load capacity up to 1800 kg

  • Stand-up platform for operator with initial lift
  • Lateral drive and one lateral support roller guarantee optimum traction and operating stability in combination with the terrain compensation integrated into the initial stroke.
  • Combined, user-programmable microprocessor controller for drive and hydraulic system.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Minimum aisle widths
  • Suitable for block storage
  • Optimum human engineering
  • Efficient and rapid handling
  • Handling characteristics matched to operation
  • Best quality and long service life
  • Three-phase drive