SHR 2000

High speed lift truck

Explosion hazard 2G IIC T6

2D IIIC T85 °C

SHR 2000


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Load capacity up to 2000 kg

  • 2-speed hydraulic system for high speed hoisting with optimum force/travel ratio.
  • All hydraulic functions such as high speed switch-over and gradual lowering are incorporated into the Stöcklin valve cartridge.
  • Steering wheels: Solid rubber rimmed aluminium wheels

Advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum force ratio for high speed operation
  • No idle stroke when shifting hydraulic stages
  • Low wear
  • Long service life
  • «Ravas» system
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Automatic power switch-off
  • Taring and other functions
  • IP 64 moisture protection