EXG 035 Barrel tipping clamp

Barrel tipping clamp with drawbar for ATEX zones 1 (2G) and 21 (2D) with pantograph feed option

Stöcklin Logistik AG is certified as a manufacturer of explosion protection floor handling equipment for the European market by ATEX and also has IECEX certification, which is recognized worldwide. Our model for explosion hazard zones 1/21 is approved by ATEX as well as IECEX.

EXG 035 Barrel tipping clamp


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Stroke heights up to 4.8 m

Load capacity up to 350 kg

  • AC travel drive
  • AC lift motor with speed control
  • CAN-BUS technology
  • II 2G Ex de IIB+H₂ T4 Gb
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIB T135°C Db

Advantages at a glance:

  • Dimensions and handling same as a standard unit
  • Traction always good thanks to center drive
  • Clear, sensitive levers for the 4 hydraulic functions
  • All plastics electrically conductive
  • Internal self-monitoring
  • Maximum maintenance friendliness thanks to brushless AC motors
  • Also available with the patented LITHIUM Ex "LiTex", a world first