BB railway bridges

Model BB dock levelers serve for loading and unloading freight cars on railroad ramps. Produced of special, extruded channels. Surface profiled to prevent slipping. The steel guide rail is welded to the ramp edge channel (U channel with masonry anchor) cast into the ramp concrete. When not in use, the bridge hangs vertically at the edge of the ramp. For loading, the bridge can be lifted up out of the guide rail using the recessed, folding handle, the tongue positioned on the loading surface of the freight car and hooked back into the guide rail. If desired, we also offer clamps to allow a number of bridges to be connected to one another.

BB railway bridges


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  • Special, extruded channels
  • Non-slip surface
  • Steel guide rail

Advantages at a glance:

  • Safe negotiation of the BB dock leveler
  • Simple handling
  • Expandable