FBS loading ramps

The FBS model loading ramps cover a very wide range of highly varying loading situations. Capable of supporting weights of up to 6,000 kp, they can compensate height differences up to 250 mm. The bridges are protected against corrosion by a high quality paint finish or galvanization. All models are available in stationary or laterally adjustable versions. A maintenance-free spring system makes it possible for only one person to handle even large platforms. A large, self-cleaning, steel guide channel open at the bottom allows the ramp to be shifted easily over many years of service. When not in use, the bridge can be stored upright at the edge of the ramp and is secured against being knocked over unintentionally by a safety catch.

FBS loading ramps


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  • Lifting capacity up to 6,000 kp
  • Maintenance-free spring

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to slide
  • With safety catch