Swiss Quality For You - Sustainable and Innovative

Focus on customer and employee satisfaction


Our customers are always the focal point of all action.


Increase in profits
We measure our success on a continuous increase in earnings. We do not attempt to maximize earnings at the cost of the future.

Increase in turnover
Increasing turnover is not an end in itself. It is needed to achieve the correct company size and thus long-term profit growth. We do not aim for sales that do not make a long-term contribution to profits.


We consider motivated employees to be the basis for our success. We demand and support self-initiative and teamwork beyond the employee's own area of activity.

Participation in success
We share our success appropriately with our employees. We demand performance and reward results.


We want competent management and technical personnel.
We provide leadership on a result-oriented basis and include our employees in decision-making processes. Our employees act according to mutually agreed objectives and consciously contribute to the success of the company. We also delegate the authority and responsibility required for the completion of tasks to our employees.
We support the capabilities and ideas of our employees.
Our methods of leadership are distinguished by transparency and effective communication of information.

Participation in success

The managers get a share of the profits. The basis for this is formed by individual performance, the results of each individual range of responsibility and the overall success of the company.

Quality of our performance

We satisfy the quality standards of our customers and are rewarded accordingly. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by verifiably superior quality.
Our overall quality and volition to permanent improvement increase our performance capability.


We know that opportunities are always associated with risks. For this reason, we take calculated risks in full recognition of "worst case" scenarios. Risks are not taken, which could endanger the future existence of the company.


We take every measure to prevent occupational accidents and occupational illness, which we know from experience are necessary, which are applicable according to state of technology and which are appropriate to the given conditions.


We design our products, processes and actions to save environmental resources.


Innovations are relevant to success and form the basis for our expertise in our business area. We are positive about innovative ideas and encourage them at all levels without any bureaucracy.


We select our locations according to economic criteria; however, our location in Laufen has preference.


We adapt our structures to our social objectives - not vice versa - acting on a short-term basis.
We approach changes positively; we consider changes to be an opportunity, not a threat.


We communicate continuously and honestly with employees, customers, suppliers, investors and interested members of the public. We increase the degree of familiarity with our products and the company in all markets relevant for us.

Business partners

We endeavor to establish fair, cooperative, long-term relationships with our business partners. Our customers are always the focal point of all action.