Code of Conduct

Stöcklin Logistics’ Code of Conduct

As an international company, Stöcklin Logistik AG, together with its subsidiaries, is confronted with legal, ethical and social issues and challenges in many areas. It is our intention to achieve and ensure long-term, sustainable business success in this area of conflicting priorities, while observing our basic principles.

Our code of practice sets out the general code of conduct for the governing board, Board of Managers and all employees working for the company. It is a mandatory part of our employment conditions, forming the basic framework for honest, ethical conduct. We cannot accept any type of behavior in violation of this code, even when it may promote business. It is the responsibility of every one of us to be guided by the law, the code of practice and other mandatory company guidelines in all of our actions.

Our company places great emphasis on goal-oriented collaboration based on mutual trust, which results in the honest exchange of opinions between all levels of the company. If in doubt about the correct business conduct, based on our code of practice, we look for advice from our colleagues or line managers. Any violations to the code of conduct should be discussed openly with superiors, without fear of personal disadvantages. We ask you to read the code of practice and encourage you to always be guided by the principles of the code in all you do.


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