BOXer for containers

Looking to store and provide your small parts with maximum flexibility around the clock and make optimum use of space? Our high-performance, fully automated BOXer storage and retrieval machines are the right solution for you.

Maximum availability - Short access times - Energy-efficient system solution

Scalable and sustainable storage and retrieval for containers

Our BOXer storage and retrieval machines offer you scalable and energy-efficient order fulfillment solutions for the automated storage of your individual parts as well as small and light goods in boxes and cartons. BOXer impresses with short access times, the highest possible handling rates and throughput values as well as 24/7 availability.

The right load handling attachment (LAM) for your requirements

Thanks to our in-house production, we can design your fully automated miniload racking system precisely to your requirements - taking into account your fields of application, product and temperature requirements, container types and dimensions as well as internal material and data flows. This level of customization ensures everything fits your requirements perfectly.

Variable grippers

Whether classic telescopic or special carton grippers, we can adjust the load pick-up to your small parts containers in just a few simple steps.

Single, double and multiple depth

Thanks to variable designs, our load handling attachments can be designed for single or multiple depth storage.


Our electrically operated modules are innovative and designed with consistently implemented lightweight construction and eco and sleep modes to help achieve sustainable energy-efficient operations. With our Eco-Plus principle, companies are achieving energy savings of over 20%. 

Why choose the BOXer system solution from Stoecklin:

Holistic, future-oriented planning and implementation according to your individual requirements

Completely scalable solution for your buildings, product portfolio and company-specific requirements

20% more energy-efficient thanks to consistently implemented lightweight construction and resource-saving material flows

Custom-fit LAN solutions with variable grippers and chassis

Maximum availability with low maintenance costs

Swiss Quality: in-house production, workshop and service management at the Technology Center Laufen, CH

Maximum availability thanks to experienced service management

Are you looking for a high-performance automated small parts storage solution that fits your containers? We will be happy to assist you personally with inquiries about a suitable system solution (including analysis, planning and advice).

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