System tuning for fresh produce logistics

Modernization and simultaneous expansion of the existing fully automated high-bay warehouse at Bell Schweiz AG.

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Bell Food Group AG, Basel, CH

Project focus

Expansion and modernization of a fully automated high-bay warehouse


New installation of three storage and retrieval machines and replacement of four storage and retrieval machines with the BOXer system solution, expansion of the container conveyor system including new rails, 3-aisle racking system for over 29,000 containers


Maximum system availability thanks to proven technology and 24/365 service


Software modules for vibration-free operation enable fast commissioning and reduce maintenance costs, connection to the ERP and warehouse management system of a third-party provider

Efficiency - Performance - Availability

Clear strategy for sustainable good results

The Bell Food Group is one of the leading meat and convenience processors in Europe. Its product range includes meat, poultry, charcuterie, seafood, convenience and vegetarian products. With various brands such as Bell, Eisberg, Hilcona and Hügli, the Bell Group covers a wide range of customer needs. Its customers include retail, food service and the food industry.

Solution for the customer

The expansion included the delivery of storage and retrieval machines from the BOXer system solution as well as the installation of a 3-aisle racking system with a length of 20 m and storage capacity for over 29,000 containers with double-deep storage. Also new: two carousels on the ground and upper floors with connection to the existing conveyor technology. A total of three new BOXer storage and retrieval machines were installed and four storage and retrieval machines were replaced with BOXer technology including anti-sway software. Peak stacking rates of 410 containers per hour are achieved.

The continued growth of the Bell Food Group had pushed intralogistics to its performance limits. The existing high-bay warehouse was expanded and four storage and retrieval machines were completely replaced in order to increase system availability.

Remo Cueni, Project Manager at Stoecklin Logistik AG

Benefits for the customer

To ensure performance and competitiveness for the main Swiss market, the Bell Food Group decided to modernize and simultaneously expand the existing fully automated high-bay warehouse with logistics solutions from Stoecklin. The maximum system availability required by Bell is ensured by proven solutions such as the BOXer storage and retrieval system solution. In addition, Stoecklin ensures short response times in the event of a fault by providing a 24/365 service.

The benefits of expanding and modernizing automated high-bay warehouses with Stoecklin

Cross-process understanding

Staged replacement of the storage and retrieval machines

Services, training and consulting

Proven BOXer technology with anti-sway software

Coupling to third-party software solutions

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